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SUNDAY, 14 AUGUST 2022, 17:32

South Africa

COPE and residents of Ngcingwane village celebrate the life of MaMbeki

Today at 15:48 PM, via SABC News

The Congress of the People (COPE) and residents of Ngcingwane village in the Eastern Cape have commemorated political stalwart and community builder, Nomaka Epainette Mbeki. MaMbeki died at the age of 98 in 2014. She was the founding member of the National African Federated Chamber of Commerce. MaMbeki ran projects at Cingwana village to develop […]


Bapela disputes allegations of registration rigging at the ANC Provincial conference in Rustenburg

Today at 17:00 PM, via SABC News

ANC National Executive Committee member deployed in the North West, Obed Bapela, has rubbished allegations of registration rigging at the ninth ANC Provincial conference at Rustenburg, in the North West. This follows a break-in at the registration centre. Bapela says at the time, the credentials of delegates had already been adopted. Despite this, there are […]


Trade union POPCRU plans on taking action if their salary increment demands are not met

Today at 16:34 PM, via SABC News

Trade union POPCRU has threatened industrial action if their salary increment demands are not met. The union says it will be marching to the Union Buildings and the treasury department in Pretoria on the 20th of September over salary increments. Workers are demanding a 10% increment while the government is offering 2% including a grant […]


ANC NW conference adjourned until late Sunday morning

Today at 10:04 AM, via SABC News

The African National Congress (ANC) provincial conference has adjourned until later Sunday morning to allow the elections agency to prepare ballot papers to be used for the elections of the top five positions.


What an English degree did for me, by Tulip Siddiq, Sarah Waters and more

Today at 11:00 AM, via The Guardian

As UK universities close their English literature courses and Rishi Sunak wages war on degrees that ‘don’t increase earning potential’, we celebrate 40 influential graduates and talk to some of them about what English lit meant to them. Introduction by Jeffrey Boakye

I love words. I’ve always loved reading. I’m fascinated by narrative and the shape of stories, and how literature can be used...


The Tories’ culture war – what is it good for? | Stewart Lee

Today at 11:00 AM, via The Guardian

The confused anti-woke brigade attack indiscriminately and the arts end up as collateral damage

It’s no secret now that the Tories want to destroy the arts in Britain, penalise their practitioners and discourage those who would dare to dream of studying them, irrespective of the minimal financial reward. And the Tories are doing this either through ignorance, a simple failure to understand...


Hypocrisy or a reason for hope? The Taliban who send their girls to school

Today at 11:00 AM, via The Guardian

The Afghan rulers’ ban on female schooling has provoked global anger, but opposition is also growing from within

The Taliban official’s wife apologised for keeping her visit brief. She needed to get her teenage girls ready to fly to Doha, the Qatari capital, where they would shortly be starting a new term, she explained to her host earlier this year.

In Kabul, and across much of Afghanistan,...


Fears of clearing chaos as A-level results predicted to be unexpectedly low

Today at 07:00 AM, via The Guardian

Thousands of pupils could miss their expected grades with disadvantaged students, whose learning was disproportionately damaged by the pandemic, most likely to be ‘elbowed out’

Universities are warning that Thursday’s A-level results in England and Wales could be another marking fiasco like the one in 2020, with a “dramatic swing” back to less generous results, and disadvantaged pupils...


‘Tales of the Walking Dead’ doesn’t do much more than kill time

Today at 16:05 PM, via CNN

The latest extension of “The Walking Dead” “universe,” if you can really call it that, “Tales of the Walking Dead” possesses the chance to explore and play with this world-gone-mad scenario, but mostly squanders it. Telling a self-contained story in each hour, think of it as a zombie-fied bonus effort that doesn’t kill much more than time.


How ‘Breaking Bad’ cooked up the addictive formula for ‘Better Call Saul’

Today at 16:04 PM, via CNN

By spawning the acclaimed “Better Call Saul,” “Breaking Bad” achieved a bit of spinoff immortality that eluded “Friends” (“Joey”), “MASH” (“AfterMASH”) and “The Golden Girls” (“The Golden Palace”), among others. As the prequel nears its end, it’s worth considering how the original series’ Emmy-winning legacy cooked up one of the best TV offshoots since “Cheers” begat “Frasier.”


California Startup Sells ‘Subscriptions’ to Electric Vehicles

Today at 16:34 PM, via Slashdot

In January a California startup named Autonomy began “stocking up on EVs from pretty much every company that makes them,” reports Bloomberg (including Tesla, Ford, and Polestar). Their plan? Collect a $5,900 “start fee,” then charge $490 to $690 a month for an electric vehicle subscription with up to 1,000 miles of driving (but with no maintenance or registration fees):The subscription model...


Particle Physicists Puzzle Over a New Duality

Today at 14:00 PM, via Wired

A hidden link between two seemingly unrelated particle collision outcomes shows a mysterious web of mathematical connections between disparate theories.


Firenado rages in California

Thursday at 10:58 AM, via BBC News

Hot temperatures and strong winds formed a ‘firenado’ in California on Wednesday.