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FRIDAY, 18 SEPTEMBER 2020, 18:05

South Africa

Frustration over closure of about 50 ECD centres in Ga-Rankuwa

Today at 17:45 PM, via SABC News

The majority of early development learning centres in Ga-Rankuwa, north of Pretoria, remain shut. The closure of the learning facilities has led to job losses for about 300 workers. Three thousand children are also affected as they no longer attend classes.

South Africa

Butterworth residents decry water shortage

Today at 16:08 PM, via SABC News

Butterworth residents in the Eastern Cape threaten to boycott the upcoming local government elections due to lack of water in the area.

South Africa

COVID-19 remains a threat, says Dlamini-Zuma

Today at 15:47 PM, via SAnews

South Africans will soon be able to give their friends and family the best send off, as more mourners will be permitted to attend funerals from Monday under alert Level 1.


U.S. To Bar Downloads Of TikTok, WeChat

Today at 15:48 PM, via NPR

As of Sunday, no mobile app store in the U.S. will be allowed to distribute or maintain the popular Chinese-owned apps, the Commerce Department says.


Telkom gets an unexpected boost thanks to lockdown

Today at 17:28 PM, via Fin24

Communication companies were declared essential servicea during the Covid-19 lockdown, with ICASA In April releasing temporary high-demand spectrum in a bid to ease congestion.


COPE lambasts ANC members for supporting Andile Lungisa

Today at 13:16 PM, via SABC News

Congress of the People (COPE) has criticised the African National Congress (ANC) members who supported former Nelson Mandela Bay councillor Andile Lungisa when he was handing himself over to the North End Prison on Thursday to begin his two year prison sentence.


South Africa: Future of Universities Bound to Their Social Compact

Today at 17:16 PM, via AllAfrica

[UCT] COVID-19 has shown that the future and relevance of universities worldwide is bound to their social compact – research and knowledge that serves society – and their resilience. Their adaptability and agility in the face of the pandemic and lockdown saw many changing in ways unimaginable just months ago, said Professor Stephen Toope.


Third of Pearson’s shareholders vote against CEO’s £7.2m pay package

Today at 16:02 PM, via The Guardian

Former Disney chairman Andy Bird is to take up job at education publishing group in October

Pearson has suffered a significant shareholder revolt against controversial changes to its remuneration policy, which will grant its new chief executive a multimillion dollar pay package.

Almost a third of investors in the FTSE 100 educational publishing group voted against the plans, which will award a...


Uganda: Reopening Schools – Naming a Date Is Not All We Need

Today at 15:22 PM, via AllAfrica

[Monitor] I read with disbelief, that Shs11billion teachers’ Sacco money, had been embezzled. I was struck by the reality, considering the fact that a number of teachers reportedly committed suicide and majority are struggling, due to unpleasant effects of the closure of schools.


New drama series ‘Kompleks’ coming to kykNET

Today at 15:24 PM, via The South African

The new drama series, ‘Kompleks’ is said to be a mix between ‘My So-Called Life” and ‘Dawson’s Creek’ and is coming to kykNET this September.


Could this be the end for ‘Dinner at Somizi’s’?

Today at 16:37 PM, via The Citizen

The television host, reality TV star and celebrity choreographer was accused of stealing the entire concept of his show from a pitch presented to him years ago. Watch as the Citizen Lifestyle Entertainment Round-Up unpacks all the tea. 


‘Ratched’ flies closer to ‘American Horror Story’ than ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’

Today at 16:02 PM, via CNN

In the latest bastardization of intellectual property, producer Ryan Murphy’s “Ratched” is basically “American Horror Story: Cuckoo’s Nest,” a sort-of prequel starring Sarah Paulson as the quietly unbending nurse from “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” casting her into a florid sea of stylish noir excess. Big, showy roles from a star-studded cast abound, but it’s mostly in the service of glossy...


Court orders union out of Mustek head office

Today at 17:49 PM, via ITWeb

The labour union has been restrained from interfering with, threatening, harming or damaging, intimidating, harassing and non-striking employees.


What Is Happening With TikTok and WeChat?

Today at 17:37 PM, via New York Times

The Commerce Department announced that it was prohibiting downloads of WeChat and TikTok in U.S. app stores. Here’s what you need to know.


Is Covid’s end closer than we think? | Letters

Today at 17:35 PM, via The Guardian

Up to half the world’s population may have natural immunity to coronavirus, writes Prof Moin Saleem. Plus Dr David Grimes on the evidence that vitamin D provides some protection

Your article (‘Confounding’: Covid may have already peaked in many African countries, 16 September) hints that there may be natural immunity in African countries where Covid-19 has settled down. This is likely to be...