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THURSDAY, 25 FEBRUARY 2021, 00:40

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Mendy scores Real Madrid winner at Atalanta

Today at 00:16 AM, via BBC News

Ferland Mendy scores a stunning late winner as Real Madrid clinch a hard-working last-16 first leg victory against 10-man Atalanta.


Corruption and bad laws ravage SA’s tax base

Today at 00:05 AM, via Moneyweb

‘Sars is absolutely critical to the future of South Africa because if Sars fails, the country fails’: Mark Silberman, Accfin Software director and vice-chair of the Saica tax technology subcommittee.


Messi scores twice as Barcelona dispatch Elche

Today at 00:28 AM, via News24

Lionel Messi soared past Luis Suarez to become La Liga’s top scorer by adding his 17th and 18th goals of the season in a much-needed 3-0 victory for Barcelona over Elche.


Tiger Woods not facing reckless driving charge

Yesterday at 23:58 PM, via News24

Tiger Woods is not facing charges of reckless driving following the car crash in which he suffered serious leg injuries, authorities said Wednesday.


Gavin Williamson hopes children will get time in school this summer – video

Yesterday at 21:15 PM, via The Guardian

The education secretary says he hopes pupils in England will get time in school this summer under government plans to fund catchup activities. Speaking with him at a No 10 press conference, Jenny Harries, the deputy chief medical officer for England, said children should hold back from hugging grandparents until more positive evidence from vaccination was available

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A College Admissions Rat Race

Yesterday at 19:49 PM, via New York Times

While top-tier colleges are dealing with surges in applications, lesser known ones have seen sharp declines.


EU eyes vaccination passports to resurrect tourism after COVID-19

Yesterday at 18:27 PM, via SABC News

European Union leaders will agree on Thursday to work on certificates of vaccination for EU citizens who have had an anti-COVID shot, with southern EU countries that depend heavily on tourism desperate to rescue this summer’s holiday season.


Why Discord Is Switching From Go To Rust

Today at 00:00 AM, via Slashdot

RoccamOccam writes: The developers at Discord have seen success with Rust on their video encoding pipeline for Go Live and on their Elixir NIFs’ server. Recently, they penned a post explaining how they have drastically improved the performance of a service by switching its implementation from Go to Rust. From the post, “Remarkably, we had only put very basic thought into optimization as the...


Google Sponsors 2 Full-Time Devs To Improve Linux Security

Yesterday at 23:00 PM, via Slashdot

Worried about the security of Linux and open-source code, Google is sponsoring a pair of full-time developers to work on the kernel’s security. From a report: The internet giant builds code from its own repositories rather than downloading outside binaries, though given the pace at which code is being added to Linux, this task is non-trivial. Google’s open-source security team lead Dan Lorenc...


The Fed’s System That Allows Banks To Send Money Back and Forth is Down

Yesterday at 21:36 PM, via Slashdot

The Federal Reserve’s system that allows financial institutions to send money back and forth electronically went down Wednesday morning. From a report: The “operational error,” as the Fed described it, impacted multiple services, including its pivotal automated clearinghouse system, which connects depository and related institutions send electronic credit and debt transfers. There were no...


Water quality and quantity the key to healthy estuaries

Tuesday at 16:19 PM, via CapeNature

The health of on estuary is a description of the condition of an estuary and are driven by two key drivers, water quality and quantity. Rain falling on the land eventually makes its way to a lake, river, stream, estuary, or ocean. Some rainwater flows slowly, in a thin layer called sheet flow across the […]