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FRIDAY, 04 DECEMBER 2020, 19:27


Hong Kong’s prominent democracy activists face agonising choice

Today at 18:00 PM, via News24

Hong Kong’s high-profile activists and legislators increasingly find themselves having to choose between whether to stay in the Chinese territory and face arrest, or leave – possibly for good – as the government continues to step up political prosecutions.


Ghana heads for two-horse presidential vote

Today at 16:02 PM, via News24

Ghanaians will go to the polls on Monday in a heated contest that will revive old rivalries between incumbent President Nana Akufo-Addo and his predecessor John Mahama.


Hackers targeting Covid-19 vaccine supply chain, IBM warns

Today at 18:25 PM, via Fin24

With multiple vaccines close to becoming available in a world gripped by the coronavirus pandemic, manufacturers have become the target of hackers trying to steal trade secrets or disrupt supply chains.


Facebook changing ‘race-blind’ hate speech policy

Today at 18:24 PM, via Fin24

Facebook on Thursday said it is revising its systems to prioritise blocking slurs against Black people, gays and other groups historically targeted by vitriol, no longer automatically filtering out barbs aimed broadly at whites, men or Americans.


Government Employees Pension Fund backs scandal-ridden PIC

Today at 18:23 PM, via Fin24

The new head of Africa’s biggest pension fund is retreating from his predecessor’s threat to withdraw money from the Public Investment Corp, as he backs a turnaround at the scandal-plagued asset manager.


Samuel Paty: French security services failed to act over incendiary social media campaign

Today at 17:31 PM, via The Guardian

Headteacher raised concerns before beheading of teacher who discussed Charlie Hebdo cartoons, school inspectors find

French security services failed to appreciate the gravity of the defamatory campaign on social media against the teacher Samuel Paty before his murder, an inspectors’ report has found.

Despite the school’s headteacher reporting concerns about increasingly incendiary posts...


South Africa: UCT Scholar’s Research Expedites Historic Citizenship Grant

Today at 17:07 PM, via AllAfrica

[UCT] It was an emotional celebration for many Ottoman descendants in South Africa when they were granted Turkish citizenship at a city function on 24 November 2020. The first Ottomans came to South Africa 158 years ago. Turkish-born Dr Halim Gençoğlu of the University of Cape Town’s (UCT) Centre for African Studies was instrumental in the development.


Teacher’s dismissal exposes fissures over Eton College modernisation

Today at 17:04 PM, via The Guardian

Head trying to fight off revolt from those who say school is heading in ‘aggressively woke’ direction

It was always going to be a big ask to shift an institution such as Eton College – with its 580-year history, its wealth, power, privilege and funereal tailcoats – into the 21st century. But that was Simon Henderson’s pitch when he applied to be headmaster.

The pitch must have gone down well...


Sol Plaatjie lauded as game changer in field of journalism

Today at 17:20 PM, via SABC News

Anti-apartheid activist and journalist Tshekisho Solomon Plaatje has been lauded as a game-changer in the field of journalism, especially for promoting news writing in vernacular languages.


‘The Mandalorian’ keeps making major links to the past ‘Star Wars’ galaxy

Today at 18:57 PM, via CNN

“The Mandalorian” continues to draw upon all the tools in the “Star Wars” arsenal, making major connections to earlier chapters in the greater galaxy. In the process, it has deepened its appeal to hardcore fans, with the appearance of two significant figures in the latest episodes linking the show back to the original trilogy and the animated series.


‘Your Honor’ stars Bryan Cranston as a judge forced to deal with a bad break

Today at 17:57 PM, via CNN

The consequences of one bad act pile up in “Your Honor,” a solid but unspectacular miniseries produced by and starring Bryan Cranston. The casting is generally superior to the material, which sets up the moral dilemma of just how many rules one judge will bend and break to protect his son.


Ant, Grab Win Singapore Digital Bank Licenses Along With Sea

Today at 18:45 PM, via Slashdot

Ant Group and a venture led by Grab won licenses to run digital banks in Singapore, paving the way for the technology giants to expand their financial services in the Southeast Asian hub. From a report: Sea is also among the four winners announced Friday by the Monetary Authority of Singapore after almost a year of deliberation. A consortium involving China’s Greenland Financial is the other...


Covid vaccines offer chance for big pharma to improve its image

Today at 18:41 PM, via The Guardian

They make life-saving medicines, but no one likes them. Could this year be a turning point?

Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverage

Never before has the world awaited a new medicine with such bated breath. A vaccine for Covid-19 has the potential to unlock society and save millions of people from death and serious disease, and the hero of the hour is an industry that is...


Feel the Summer Breeze with CapeNature!

Today at 10:36 AM, via CapeNature

Come and explore the vast open spaces across the Western Cape with your friends and family at record low prices. Despite the inflation rate increases and the current recession in South Africa, CapeNature wants to see more and more locals explore and experience the rich natural heritage exclusive to the province. We are all in […]