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SUNDAY, 25 JULY 2021, 13:20


Inclusion takes centre stage at township economy revival imbizo

Today at 13:10 PM, via Fin24

South Africa’s townships are home to 60% of its population. The township economy os estimated to be worth about R300 billion, according to Rori Tshabalala, CEO and founder of business model research and development firm, Chapter One innovation.


South Africa must offset relief funds, hasten reforms, IMF says

Today at 13:00 PM, via BusinessTech

South Africa should aim to re-prioritize its budget to offset the cost of relief measures for businesses and individuals affected by deadly riots and accelerate reforms to foster inclusive economic growth, according to the International Monetary Fund’s resident representative for the country.


8 common real estate myths you need to know when buying or selling your home

Today at 13:00 PM, via BusinessTech

There are several preconceived notions that home buyers and sellers often believe about the real estate industry and the sale transaction, and whilst some may be founded on fact, others are very far from the truth, says Steve Thomas, secure estate specialist for Lew Geffen, Sotheby’s International Realty.


School’s out! Enjoy the freedom without breaking the bank

Today at 10:00 AM, via The Guardian

Making sure children have fun is a challenge. Here’s how… our guide to keeping them busy on a budget

The school summer holidays are here and with them come days of adventure and freedom for children – and headaches for parents who need to keep their offspring busy on a budget.

The pandemic has meant many parents do not have access to their usual summer clubs due to closures, and grandparents...


12 Ted Lasso-like TV mentors we love

Yesterday at 15:24 PM, via CNN

Everyone needs a warm-hearted mentor to guide us through life’s troubles. These loveable TV characters are just that.


Tokyo Olympics go for the gold despite controversy

Yesterday at 14:12 PM, via CNN

In this edition of Pop Life Chronicles, CNN’s Lisa Respers France spills the tea on the Tokyo Summer Olympics, Netflix has a new spin on a dating show formula, Broadway diversifies its offerings, and more.


The insect apocalypse: ‘Our world will grind to a halt without them’

Today at 11:00 AM, via The Guardian

Insects have declined by 75% in the past 50 years – and the consequences may soon be catastrophic. Biologist Dave Goulson reveals the vital services they perform

I have been fascinated by insects all my life. One of my earliest memories is of finding, at the age of five or six, some stripy yellow-and-black caterpillars feeding on weeds in the school playground. I put them in my empty lunchbox,...