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THURSDAY, 09 JULY 2020, 20:51


Limpopo ANC veterans want reinstatement of VBS implicated officials reviewed

Today at 18:45 PM, via SABC News

The African National Congress (ANC) Veterans League in Limpopo has criticised the ANC National Executive Council’s decision to reinstate the two senior officials who had been suspended for their alleged involvement in the looting and collapse of the now-defunct VBS Mutual Bank.


Maimane calls for a national school stay-away

Yesterday at 20:35 PM, via SABC News

Leader of the One South Africa Movement Musi Maimane is calling for teachers and learners to stay home on Friday in protest of government’s decision to reopen schools.


Importing Germany’s dual education system is easier said than done

Today at 20:00 PM, via The Guardian

Gavin Williamson is the latest of many politicians to express admiration for the German system

Germany’s culture of dual educational and vocational training programmes has never been short of admirers, including British education secretaries of the present and the past, the Chinese communist party and the daughter of the current US president.

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‘The prize of all prizes’: Teacher Kate Clanchy’s memoir wins Orwell award

Today at 19:30 PM, via The Guardian

Judges praise Some Kids I Taught and What They Taught Me, which draws on three decades working in schools, as ‘moving, funny, and full of love’

Kate Clanchy’s “moving and powerful” memoir about working as a teacher in the state education system, Some Kids I Taught and What They Taught Me, has won the Orwell prize for political writing.

Clanchy, a writer and poet who has been a teacher for 30...


Sunak’s jobs plan must be backed by childcare funding, say MPs

Today at 17:56 PM, via The Guardian

Chancellor declined to offer financial help to nurseries in summer statement

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MPs have issued a fresh plea to Rishi Sunak to offer more financial support to the struggling childcare sector, after he failed to take action in Wednesday’s summer statement.

The chancellor declined to offer more financial help to nurseries and other...


Gavin Williamson to ditch target of sending half of young people in England to university – video

Today at 17:35 PM, via The Guardian

Gavin Williamson has criticised the idea of wanting half of all young people to go on to higher education. The education secretary said he wanted to see a revolution in further education and vocational training in England and challenged the ‘inbuilt snobbishness about higher being somehow better than further, when really, they are both just different paths to fulfilling and skilled...


Tom Hanks goes to war (again) in the World War II drama ‘Greyhound’

Today at 20:09 PM, via CNN

“Greyhound” is kind of an odd duck — another World War II tale courtesy of Tom Hanks, who wrote and produced the film through his company in addition to starring in it. Old-fashioned and relatively small in scale, it’s a sturdy if unspectacular depiction of the Battle of the Atlantic, streaming ashore via Apple TV+ instead of a planned theatrical release.


Will Astronauts Ever Visit Gas Giants Like Jupiter?

Today at 20:45 PM, via Slashdot

Trying to get an up close and personal look at the solar system’s gas giants is a tricky and dangerous journey. From a report: Jupiter, like the other gas giants, doesn’t have a rocky surface, but that doesn’t mean it’s just a massive cloud floating through the vacuum of space. It’s made up of mostly helium and hydrogen, and as you move from the outer layers of the atmosphere toward the deeper...


Will We Recognize Life on Mars When We See It?

Today at 20:12 PM, via Wired

If NASA’s Perseverance rover finds life on the Red Planet, there’s a good chance our first extraterrestrial encounter will be a little ambiguous.


Bodies donated to science ‘left to be eaten by rats at Paris centre’

Today at 20:10 PM, via The Guardian

Inquiry to examine claims remains were found strewn around and dismembered

Authorities in France will investigate claims that human corpses donated for science were left to rot and be eaten by rats at a university research facility, the Paris prosecutor’s office has said.

An investigation into “violations of the integrity of a corpse” was handed over to magistrates by prosecutors who...


Apple Releases iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and tvOS 14 To Public Beta Testers

Today at 20:04 PM, via Slashdot

Apple today seeded the first public betas of upcoming iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, and tvOS 14 updates to its public beta testing group, two weeks after first providing the updates to developers after the WWDC keynote.

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Smaller Isuzu SUV not happening

Today at 16:44 PM, via The Citizen

Model positioned below it won’t be happening soon due to “Isuzu’s core focus [being] on light commercial vehicles and trucks”.


Loneliness may make quitting smoking even tougher

Today at 19:00 PM, via Health24

A study found evidence to suggest that loneliness leads to increased smoking, with people more likely to start smoking, to smoke more cigarettes, and to be less likely to quit.


Everything you need to know about renewing or purchasing a Wild Card during lockdown

Monday at 20:20 PM, via CapeNature

What is a Wild Card? The Wild Card is a loyalty programme that makes tourism to national parks and nature reserves in southern Africa more accessible and rewarding than ever before. With a Wild Card membership you receive one year’s unlimited access to the most beautiful nature reserves and parks with superb picnic spots, natural […]