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SATURDAY, 19 SEPTEMBER 2020, 20:45

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Teacher, 57, faints and dies in classroom

Today at 20:10 PM, via News24

According to the provincial education department, the teacher was conducting a lesson when she suddenly fainted and died on Wednesday.

Top Stories

Doctors who work inside the law have nothing to fear – NPA

Today at 19:26 PM, via News24

The National Prosecuting Authority says doctors who work within the law have nothing to fear, but the NPA is duty bound to take action against medical practitioners whose alleged negligence may result in the loss of life.


France indicts Central Africa war crimes suspect

Today at 12:20 PM, via The Citizen

Eric Bagale was one of the ‘Liberators’, the name given to the guards of Bozize who brought him to power in 2003 by overthrowing president Ange-Felix Patasse.


What you need to know about debt counselling in South Africa

Today at 15:00 PM, via BusinessTech

Many consumers are feeling the impact of the Covid-19 lockdown on their jobs and income, with some falling behind on their financial obligations. The National Credit Regulator (NCR) has advised, however, that financial distress can be carefully navigated by debt counselling.


Trends in local unit trust investments in South Africa

Today at 13:00 PM, via BusinessTech

The most recent figures released by the Association for Savings and Investments South Africa (ASISA) show a historic influx of investment into local unit trusts over the last quarter, notes Anet Ahern, chief executive officer at PSG Asset Management.


Why house prices in South Africa could drop soon: expert

Today at 11:00 AM, via BusinessTech

If you’re a home seller, you should absolutely not withdraw your property from the market now in the hopes of selling it at a higher price next year, says Berry Everitt, chief executive of the Chas Everitt International property group.


Hi, There. Want to Triple Voter Turnout?

Today at 17:00 PM, via New York Times

Campaign volunteers go door to door to rouse voters on Election Day. Now some stay outside polling places, asking voters to text friends to join in.


UK universities predict record student dropout rate

Today at 09:00 AM, via The Guardian

Fears that young people have ‘lost the discipline of learning’ add to students’ money worries as part-time jobs dry up

Record numbers of young people in the UK are starting a university course this autumn, with many anxious to escape a collapsing employment market. But as students embark on a very different university experience, vice-chancellors are worried that many may not last the...


‘Seeing my son’s development was incredible’: the parents sticking with home schooling beyond lockdown

Today at 07:00 AM, via The Guardian

For many, the lack of formal education was tough. But some families are choosing not to go back to the school gate

It’s no secret that imposed home schooling during lockdown was tough on many parents. By June, one in three women and one in five men reported difficulties to the Office for National Statistics. They also said that a child in their house was struggling to continue their education...


US Spy Plane Impersonates A Malaysian Aircraft

Today at 19:34 PM, via Slashdot

Popular Mechanics reports:A U.S. Air Force aircraft electronically impersonated a Malaysian plane while flying over the South China Sea this week. The RC-135W Rivet Joint reconnaissance aircraft flew off China’s Hainan island on Tuesday, coming within 55 miles of the Chinese mainland. The caper was outed on Twitter by a think tank operated by the Chinese government, which provided enough...


Hands, face, space? Johnson’s Covid message has got priorities wrong, scientists warn

Today at 19:27 PM, via The Guardian

Physical distancing, far more than washing hands, is the most critical factor in preventing spread of the virus

Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverage

The latest drive to help halt the spread of Covid-19 has been criticised by senior scientists for placing insufficient emphasis on the issues of ventilation and the need to stay apart from others.

They say the government’s...


Thieves’ Guild: a BBS Game With the Best 1990s Pixel Graphics You’ve Never Seen

Today at 18:34 PM, via Slashdot

“The sky is clear, the breeze is strong. A perfect day to make the long sea voyage to Mythyn,” writes BBS history blogger Josh Renaud. “You prepare your galley, hire a crew of sailors, and cast off. But a few hours into your trip, the dreaded words appear: ‘Thou seest rippling waters…'” He’s describing the beginning of a 27-year-old game that he’d been searching for since 2013. Slashdot reader...


Russian Announces Plan to Independently Explore Venus

Today at 18:04 PM, via Slashdot

“Russia has announced an intention to independently explore Venus a day after scientists said there was a gas that could be present in the planet’s clouds due to single-cell microbes,” reports Euronews:The head of Russia’s space corporation Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, told reporters that they would initiate a national project as “we believe that Venus is a Russian planet,” according to the TASS...