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MONDAY, 25 JANUARY 2021, 12:02


Egypt, Seychelles get first jabs

Yesterday at 21:00 PM, via Mail & Guardian

The two countries have rolled out China’s Sinopharm vaccine, but data issues are likely to keep some countries from doing the same


LIVE: State Capture Inquiry

Today at 10:00 AM, via SABC News

Former Chairperson of the High-Level Review Panel into the State Security Agency (SSA), Sydney Mufamadi will testify at the State Capture Commission on Monday.


Drexciya: how Afrofuturism is inspiring a memorial to slavery at sea

Today at 11:14 AM, via The Guardian

The alternative Black history of a deep-sea civilisation has planted the seed for proposals to memorialise the 1.8 million Africans who died in the Atlantic

Somewhere in the dark, vast abyss of the Atlantic Ocean, deep beneath the waves, lies a civilisation. For centuries the Drexciyans have lived in peaceful isolation on the seabed, occupying their bubble metropolis, unaware of the land-based...


Zimbabwe: Covid-19 – Union Urges Teachers to Shun Zimsec Marking

Today at 11:14 AM, via AllAfrica

[New Zimbabwe] Teachers around the country who usually offer services to the Zimbabwe School Examination Council (ZIMSEC) through marking exams have been urged to avoid that this time around in the interest of the safety.


Tanzania: Old Public Schools Repair On Course

Today at 10:51 AM, via AllAfrica

[Daily News] THE government is on course of repairing old public schools, teachers’ houses and other related buildings to create conducive learning environment in the institutions, it was disclosed.


South Africa: Leveraging Off Covid-19 – There Could Be a Silver Lining for Education

Today at 10:24 AM, via AllAfrica

[Daily Maverick] The pandemic has raised challenges that offer us an opportunity for a radical reimagining of our education system that could change our future. As we mark World Education Day on 24 January 2021, we argue that social investors will be key to ensuring the success of collective and collaborative efforts between public and private sector players.


Networking trends to think about for 2021

Today at 10:55 AM, via MyBroadband

Covid-19 has forced organizations to pull their current two year digital transformation strategy forward into six months. The demands of employees has changed, customer expectations have changed and most importantly, the way our business have traditionally operated will need to change. The role of technology will certainly need to be re-looked and re-evaluated.


BP Slashes Its Oil Exploration Team by 85%, Starts Switching to Renewables

Today at 10:34 AM, via Slashdot

Reuters reports on big changes at BP (the company formerly known as British Petroleum):Its geologists, engineers and scientists have been cut to less than 100 from a peak of more than 700 a few years ago, company sources told Reuters, part of a climate change-driven overhaul triggered last year by CEO Bernard Looney. “The winds have turned very chilly in the exploration team since Looney’s...


Fauci on What Working for Trump Was Really Like

Yesterday at 20:35 PM, via New York Times

From denialism to death threats, Dr. Anthony S. Fauci describes a fraught year as an adviser to President Donald J. Trump on the Covid-19 pandemic.


Fish migrations: they would swim 500 miles and they would swim 500 more

Wednesday at 18:23 PM, via CapeNature

By Nicole Horn and Alexis Olds Migration is a widespread but highly complicated and diverse component to many fish species lives.  Migration can be strenuous and often consists of extremely long journeys. The life history stages of certain species rely heavily on migration. Fish will migrate for several reasons including escaping unfavourable conditions, moving to […]