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THURSDAY, 21 JANUARY 2021, 23:26


My niece, Kamala Harris

Today at 22:55 PM, via BBC News

The maternal uncle of Kamala Harris says he is confident she will be the most active vice-president America has ever had.


WATCH | Masks against coronavirus

Today at 23:06 PM, via Fin24

Videographic illustrating the two main types of mask are most widely used to counter the coronavirus. A coronavirus variant that emerged in England has swept through more than 60 nations including China, officials confirmed on Wednesday.


Power shift at Luthuli House

Today at 21:00 PM, via Mail & Guardian

Ace Magashule’s move to distance himself from Carl Niehaus signals a rebalancing of influence and authority at the top of the ANC


UN in SA sends condolences to Mthembu’s family, friends and colleagues

Today at 20:37 PM, via SABC News

The United Nations in South Africa has wishes to expressed its deepest condolences to the family, friends, and colleagues of the late Minister in the Presidency, Jackson Mthembu, who passed away earlier today from complications related to COVID-19.


Malware reportedly found on laptops given to children in England

Today at 18:01 PM, via The Guardian

Investigation launched after teachers warn of worm on devices handed out for home schooling

Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverage

An investigation has been launched into reports that some of the laptops handed out to vulnerable children for homeschooling in England are infected with malware.

According to an online forum, teachers from a school in Bradford noticed the...


Treasury expected to balk at further education loan plans

Today at 17:07 PM, via The Guardian

Gavin Williamson hails plans for ‘lifelong loan entitlement’ but Treasury is hostile to expanding system

The government’s plans for a “lifelong loan entitlement” for further education study – a key part of its new skills white paper for England – are predicted to run into stiff opposition from the Treasury.

The white paper says the loan entitlement will be equivalent to “four years of...


Pearls, purple and American designers mark a new US administration

Today at 19:09 PM, via SABC News

The United States’ peaceful transition of power included a spotlight on fashion on Wednesday, as President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris were sworn in at the US Capitol, both sporting American designers.


‘Walker’ gets a new look with Jared Padalecki as the Texas Ranger

Today at 17:20 PM, via CNN

Occasionally a reboot comes along that’s so different from the original you wonder why they bothered. “Walker” is one of those, dropping the “Texas Ranger” part of the title from the CBS series that signed off 20 years ago, and trading in Chuck Norris for “Supernatural’s” Jared Padalecki, in what feels more like a family drama than a butt-kicking crime show.


Pandemic Paved the Way for Sim Racing, but Will It Last?

Today at 22:42 PM, via Slashdot

It takes more than gasoline to make a racecar run. It requires money. And money requires sponsors. And sponsors require spectators who they hope will become customers. Which became a problem for motorsports when Covid-19 shut down tracks worldwide early last year. The cash drought put teams, tracks and race series in danger of extinction. From a report: The industry turned to an emerging...


Instacart To Cut 1,900 Jobs

Today at 22:00 PM, via Slashdot

Instacart plans to terminate about 1,900 employees’ jobs, including the only unionized positions in the U.S., representing a fulsome embrace of the gig economy. From a report: The grocery delivery company already classifies most of its workers as independent contractors, whose ranks have ballooned to more than 500,000 during the coronavirus pandemic. But starting in 2015, the company hired a...


U.S. Vaccine Supply: What to Know

Today at 19:23 PM, via New York Times

Can President Biden really boost production? Why are governors trying to buy directly from Pfizer? And when will supply exceed demand?


Fish migrations: they would swim 500 miles and they would swim 500 more

Yesterday at 18:23 PM, via CapeNature

By Nicole Horn and Alexis Olds Migration is a widespread but highly complicated and diverse component to many fish species lives.  Migration can be strenuous and often consists of extremely long journeys. The life history stages of certain species rely heavily on migration. Fish will migrate for several reasons including escaping unfavourable conditions, moving to […]