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MONDAY, 01 MARCH 2021, 08:51


Dozens of Hong Kong dissidents charged with security crime

Today at 08:50 AM, via News24

Dozens of Hong Kong dissidents were charged with subversion on Sunday in the largest use yet of Beijing’s sweeping new national security law, as authorities seek to cripple the finance hub’s democracy movement.


Living with Long Covid in Lagos

Yesterday at 21:00 PM, via Mail & Guardian

Most people recover from Covid‑19 quickly, but Long Haulers in Nigeria are turning to one another for support


The many faces of Idi Amin

Saturday at 19:41 PM, via Mail & Guardian

Was he a joke, an oaf, a hero, or the evil dictator the West loved to hate? Decades after his death, his legacy is still a puzzle.


5 important things happening in South Africa today

Today at 08:14 AM, via BusinessTech

South Africa is highly reliant on a tiny portion of the tax base for revenue; lockdown level 1, but beware the third wave; South Africa’s hard-hit tourism and hospitality businesses are eager to get back to work; Police minister Bheki Cele says cops need to use deadly force to defend themselves against criminals.


Political parties react to SA moving to COVID-19 lockdown Level 1

Yesterday at 23:02 PM, via SABC News

Political parties have reacted to President Cyril Ramaphosa’s announcement that the country will move to Level 1 of the coronavirus lockdown following the first leg of the vaccinations on healthcare workers across the country.


LIVE: President Ramaphosa addresses the nation on COVID-19 response

Yesterday at 18:05 PM, via SABC News

President Cyril Ramaphosa addresses the nation on Sunday at 8pm on developments in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The address comes as the country continues the rollout of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine against COVID 19.


My kids don’t believe they are going back to school – or a thing Boris Johnson says

Today at 08:00 AM, via The Guardian

I’m trying to prepare them for the great reopening on 8 March, but whenever I mention it they look at me as if I have joined QAnon

The reopening of English schools on 8 March brings all the conflicting feelings of which a sentient, mature adult should simultaneously be capable: a strong sense that teachers should be vaccinated first; a near-certain knowledge that they won’t be; a resigned...


“The New Windows” to launch soon – Report

Today at 08:04 AM, via MyBroadband

A mysterious new version of Microsoft’s Windows operating system is set to roll out in the near future, according to a tweet by a reputed leaker.


Starwatch: Mars closes in on Pleiades star cluster

Today at 08:00 AM, via The Guardian

Sky-watchers will be rewarded with contrasting celestial colours as red planet approaches blue-white stars

Mars, the new home of Nasa’s Perseverance rover, closes in on the Pleiades star cluster this week to give sky-watchers a beautiful view of contrasting celestial colours.

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Matrics in De Hoop – In their own words

Saturday at 23:05 PM, via CapeNature

On the weekend of 19-21 five 2020 Matric learners were hosted by CapeNature and world-renowned adventurer Riaan Manser at the De Hoop Nature Reserve. These five matriculants; Jama Paliso, Hannah Chetty, Abdullah Seedat, Silondukhule Nquma and Lucy can der Meulen were the runners up in a campaign that saw five other students join Manser on […]