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2014: A turbulent year in SA politics

Today at 10:36, SAST

It's been a stormy year for SA politics. Africa Check looks back at dodgy data, political spin, false claims, bogus qualifications and conspiracies.

Community klaar with Finnish mine


A major source of income and jobs is on hold while the company tries to find a solution

Source: Mail & Guardian Online


Fifa agrees to release Garcia report

Today at 13:55, SAST

Fifa changes its mind and agrees to publish a "legally appropriate version" of a disputed report into allegations of World Cup bidding corruption.

Eight children found dead in Cairns

Today at 09:15, SAST

Eight children are found dead at a home in Cairns, Australia, reportedly after stabbings, with the mother of at least seven suffering stab wounds.

Source: BBC News


Nigeria: Preventing Urban Epidemics Through Community Buy-In

Yesterday at 17:23, SAST

[allAfrica]Abuja -Okechukwu Ndaguba sits at a table in a noisy conference room at the Jades Hotel in Nigeria’s capital city, summoning strength for the last day of a planning session about a new health insurance scheme.

Africa: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of 2014

Today at 14:05, SAST

[ISS]Africa is not a country. What might have been an excellent year for some was a disaster for others. For protesters in Burkina Faso who have known only one ruler for the last 27 years, 2014 was a very good year.

Source: All Africa