The Sound of a Generation Free of HIV

Babies from around the world sing in perfect harmony and share the sound of a generation free of HIV. Learn how you can help make a difference with Coca-Cola and (RED).

Drastic Reduction In HIV/Aids Related Deaths, Prompts Hospice To Change To Child Care Unit

Local non-profit organization, Cotlands, recently announced its transformation from a hospice in to a childcare unit due to the drastic reduction in HIV/Aids related deaths. This move follows the lauded success of the South African government’s...

Woolworths to reduce number of GM modified products by 50%

In keeping with our commitment to remove or replace ingredients from genetically modified crops in our foods where possible, Woolworths has announced plans to reduce the current number of products containing ingredients derived from genetically...

Cape Town's ARV clubs change lives

The City of Cape Town is pleased with the progress of a City Health initiative to improve service delivery to residents. Since 2011, City Health, in partnership with the Western Cape Government’s Department of Health and the Institute for He ...

White Rose Hospice in Mpumalanga to look after the terminally ill

White Rose Hospice in Mpumalanga is proud to continue to deliver outstanding service to its vast community.

Source: The Good News

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Derby-Lewis showed no remorse for 'heinous act'

Today at 07:30, SAST

The Pretoria high court has heard that Clive Derby-Lewis's apologies were mere lip service and the initial decline of his parole request was rational.

Zuma: AU anthem will encourage patriotism

Yesterday at 06:32, SAST

President Jacob Zuma has stressed that incorporating the African Union anthem in SA schools and churches will help build African unity.

Source: Mail & Guardian Online


Deadly storms hit Mexico and Texas

Today at 05:54, SAST

At least 13 people die as a tornado strikes Mexico's Ciudad Acuna, with flooding over the border in Texas leaving at least three dead and 12 missing.

Russia begins massive air exercise

Yesterday at 21:59, SAST

Russia's military is carrying out four days of drills involving 250 aircraft and 12,000 service personnel, as Nato begins an Arctic exercise.

Source: BBC News


Nigeria: Fuel Scarcity Bites

Yesterday at 10:51, SAST

[Premium Times] Nigeria is facing a full-blown national crisis as virtually all sectors of the economy has grounded to a halt as the fuel scarcity bites harder across the country.

South Sudan: Currency Collapse and Famine Loom

Yesterday at 10:34, SAST

[RFI] Experts are warning South Sudan may soon see a currency collapse, as high inflation cripples the country. This comes as fighting continues between government and rebel forces around South Sudan's last remaining functioning oil fields.

Source: All Africa