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TUESDAY, 16 APRIL 2024, 18:07


Ask Slashdot: Are Movies Becoming More Derivative?

Today at 17:20 PM, via Slashdot

Film data researcher Stepehen, writing on his blog: This may surprise some, but since 2000, just over half of all movies released have been original screenplays. The most common source for adapted screenplays was real-life events, accounting for almost a fifth of movies made between 2000 and 2023. (Typically, in these cases, the filmmakers will have paid for the rights to a nonfiction book or...

Samsung Procures $6.4 Billion For Texas Chip Production Expansion In The USA

Today at 16:53 PM, via Tech Financials

Samsung secures $6.4 billion government funding from the Department of Commerce, under the CHIPS and Science Act, to bolster semiconductor production in Texas, marking its latest move in the U.S. expansion. Samsung – the only leading-edge semiconductor company that is a leader in both advanced memory and advanced logic technologies – is expected to invest […]

NASA Says New Plan Needed To Return Rocks From Mars; Current Mission Design Can’t Deliver Before 2040

Today at 16:40 PM, via Slashdot

SonicSpike shares a report: The quest to return rock materials from Mars to Earth to see if they contain traces of past life is going to go through a major overhaul. The US space agency says the current mission design can’t return the samples before 2040 on the existing funds and the more realistic $11bn needed to make it happen is not sustainable. Nasa is going to canvas for cheaper, faster...

Ster-Kinekor to lay off 236 employees

Today at 16:37 PM, via ITWeb

The affected departments include information technology, business operations, content, finance, head office, regional operations, and cinemas.

Baidu Says AI Chatbot ‘Ernie Bot’ Has Attracted 200 Million Users

Today at 16:00 PM, via Slashdot

China’s Baidu says its AI chatbot “Ernie Bot” has amassed more than 200 million users as it seeks to remain China’s most popular ChatGPT-like chatbot amid increasingly fierce competition. From a report: The number of users has roughly doubled since the company’s last update in December. The chatbot was released to the public eight months ago. Baidu CEO Robin Li also said Ernie Bot’s API is...

ISPA Questions Aggressive Reductions In Fixed Call Termination Rates

Today at 15:35 PM, via Tech Financials

ISPA, South Africa’s official internet Industry Representative Body (IRB), questions recently announced aggressive reductions in fixed call termination rates. ISPA furthermore calls for implementation of the planned convergence of mobile and fixed call termination rates towards eventual parity. Call termination rates are fees charged by telecoms networks to ensure calls originally placed by a...

The Paris Olympics’ One Sure Thing: Cyberattacks

Today at 15:19 PM, via New York Times

“We will be attacked,” the official responsible for fending off cyberthreats said. To prepare, organizers have been hosting war games and paying “bug bounties” to hackers.

Volkswagen Announces R4 Billion Investment In Kariega Plant

Today at 15:16 PM, via Tech Financials

Today, Volkswagen Group Africa announced a R4 billion investment in its manufacturing plant in Kariega, Eastern Cape Province. The investment will be used to upgrade facilities in various areas in preparation for the addition of a third model to its production line-up from 2027. Most of the R4 billion investment will be allocated to capital […]

Review: DJI Avata 2 Drone

Today at 15:00 PM, via Wired

The DJI Avata 2 is the brilliant FPV drone we’ve been waiting for.

Alleged Cryptojacking Scheme Consumed $3.5 Million of Stolen Computing To Make Just $1 Million

Today at 15:00 PM, via Slashdot

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: Federal prosecutors indicted a Nebraska man on charges he perpetrated a cryptojacking scheme that defrauded two cloud providers — one based in Seattle and the other in Redmond, Washington — out of $3.5 million. The indictment, filed in US District Court for the Eastern District of New York and unsealed on Monday, charges Charles O. Parks...

Meet The All-New Lexus RX 450h+ Plug-In Hybrid

Today at 14:32 PM, via Tech Financials

Lexus has launched the All-New Lexus RX 450h+ Plug-In Hybrid. Touted as the best of both worlds, the plug-in hybrid has truly come into its own in recent times. Driven carefully by maximising the range permissible on a single full charge, the new Lexus RX 450h+ should be viewed as a bona fide electric SUV […]

The World Is Changing And Your People Strategy Should Be Too

Today at 14:15 PM, via Tech Financials

Business agility has long been on the CEO agenda, but are they missing the most important area – talent agility? In volatile and unpredictable markets, the ability to adapt to changing conditions is crucial and talent agility allows businesses to do just that. Rather than relying on inflexible corporate organograms, an agile talent model allows […]

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