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THURSDAY, 07 DECEMBER 2023, 14:39


Don’t Worry, It’s Just ‘Fire Ice’

Today at 14:00 PM, via Wired

Methane hydrate is an ice-like substance you can set on fire. Now scientists have found that more of it may be in danger of melting—and releasing powerful greenhouse gas—than previously realized.

Covid inquiry: Johnson surprised ‘eat out to help out’ not cleared by scientists

Today at 13:52 PM, via The Guardian

Former PM also angrily denies comments he made about letting Covid ‘rip’ meant he had been uncaring

Covid inquiry live – latest updates

Boris Johnson assumed that Rishi Sunak’s flagship “eat out to help out” hospitality scheme had been cleared by government scientists and was surprised to learn later it was not, the former prime minister has told the inquiry into Covid.

In evidence that could...

Sanlam Investments Commits R46 Million To Alien Fuel For Biomass Baseload Energy

Today at 13:02 PM, via Tech Financials

Sanlam Investments, one of South Africa’s largest black-owned asset managers in South Africa, reaffirms its commitment to sustainable investing through a new R46 million sustainable infrastructure deal. The Sanlam Investments Sustainable Infrastructure Fund is funding a portion of the joint venture (JV) between Alien Fuel Group and Sappi in Umkomaas, KZN, known as Mkomazi Alienfuel (MAF). This […]

African Super App Yassir Expands Reach On Uber Eats In Gauteng, National Rollout Coming Soon

Today at 12:03 PM, via Tech Financials

Yassir is set to become available to Uber Eats users across multiple locations in Gauteng, with a national rollout anticipated early next year. The integration of Yassir stores into the Uber Eats app will grant customers convenient access to a diverse array of grocery options for swift delivery. This strategic move aligns seamlessly with Yassir’s […]

$20,000 monkeys: how demand for lab animals is driving illegal trade in endangered macaques

Today at 12:00 PM, via The Guardian

A lucrative underground trade risks undermining research, creating new pandemics and pushing a recently abundant species to the brink

In 2019, Jonah Sacha, a researcher at Oregon Health and Science University, received a delivery of 20 monkeys from Mauritius. As part of his research into stem-cell transplants as an HIV treatment, he performs tests on long-tailed macaques.

The captive-bred...

Key trends in digital marketing for 2024

Today at 11:39 AM, via TechCentral

Promoted | Tech advancements and changing consumer behaviour are among the key trends that will drive digital marketing strategies in 2024.

Make your print shop more sustainable

Today at 11:28 AM, via TechCentral

Promoted | If you can reduce your carbon footprint, participate in more bids and win more business based on the sustainability of your facility, everybody wins.

MTN: 5G transforming mining in Africa

Today at 11:14 AM, via ITWeb

Mines are overcoming traditional connectivity challenges by opting for 5G private networks, says Sudipto Moitra, GM – ICT at MTN SA Enterprise Business.

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