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SUNDAY, 28 FEBRUARY 2021, 03:06


The many faces of Idi Amin

Yesterday at 19:41 PM, via Mail & Guardian

Was he a joke, an oaf, a hero, or the evil dictator the West loved to hate? Decades after his death, his legacy is still a puzzle.


ANC Parliamentary Caucus welcomes Bongo’s acquittal

Yesterday at 11:40 AM, via SABC News

The African National Congress (ANC) Parliamentary Caucus welcomes the judgment by the Western Cape High Court that has found ANC MP Adv Bongani Bongo not guilty of bribery accusations levelled against him. 


WATCH | Specman bamboozles Stormers defenders

Today at 00:21 AM, via News24

Flying winger Rosko Specman was the Cheetahs’ hero with a hat-trick of tries in Saturday’s 34-33 win over the Stormers at Cape Town Stadium.


Doctors fear new child mental health crisis in UK, made worse by Covid

Yesterday at 21:30 PM, via The Guardian

Surge in cases expected as schools reopen and charities report 70% rise in demand for services

A surge in child mental health cases is expected to emerge as schools reopen next week, amid warnings of a “crisis on top of a crisis” hitting vulnerable children during the pandemic.

Paediatricians, psychologists and charitable groups providing mental health support all told the Observer they were...


Nigeria: Hundreds of Schoolgirls Abducted in Raid

Yesterday at 21:28 PM, via AllAfrica

[DW] Gunmen have abducted hundreds of children in an attack on a boarding school. Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari said his government would not “succumb to blackmail by bandits.”


Taylor Swift, Cher, Tim Cook call on Senate to pass LGBT+ Equality Act

Today at 01:30 AM, via SABC News

Taylor Swift, Cher, and Apple’s CEO Tim Cook joined a growing list of celebrities and corporations by Friday calling on the US Senate to pass legislation that would expand federal legal protection from discrimination to LGBT+ Americans.


Your daily Horoscope for 28 February 2021

Today at 01:00 AM, via The South African

Wondering what the day has in store for your star sign? Here’s a quick glance at horoscopes and more for today – completely free!


How the Globes are coming together during the pandemic

Yesterday at 16:31 PM, via CNN

In the 30 years Melissa Trueblood has worked in production, she’s seen it all — even if she claims she doesn’t have the coolest stories. But 2021 has dealt her one of her tallest orders yet: to help the Golden Globes put on, essentially, three shows in one night.


Can ‘Ready’ Crowdfund a Raspberry Pi Cyberdeck Enclosure for Cyberpunk Enthusiasts?

Today at 01:34 AM, via Slashdot

There’s 29 hours left in a Kickstarter campaign to fund “an open source, Linux-based, highly modular, customizable portable computer kit that accommodates anything from a Raspberry Pi to a Ryzen x86 4×4 single-board computer and more,” writes READY!100:Reminiscent of 1980s executive portable computers, the READY! 100 is fully modern with 12 input output ports and 4 antenna ports. Perfect for...


Brave Privacy Bug Exposed Tor Onion URLs To Your DNS Provider

Today at 00:34 AM, via Slashdot

Brave Browser had a privacy issue that leaked the Tor onion URL addresses you visited to your locally configured DNS server, “exposing the dark web websites you visit…”, writes Bleeping Computer. Long-time Slashdot reader AmiMoJo quotes their report: To access Tor onion URLs, Brave added a “Private Window with Tor” mode that acts as a proxy to the Tor network. When you attempt to connect to an...


SolarWinds’ Former CEO Blames Intern for ‘solarwinds123’ Password Leak

Yesterday at 23:34 PM, via Slashdot

“Current and former top executives at SolarWinds are blaming a company intern for a critical lapse in password security that apparently went undiagnosed for years,” reports CNN.The password in question, “solarwinds123,” was discovered in 2019 on the public internet by an independent security researcher who warned the company that the leak had exposed a SolarWinds file server… It is still...


How many cases in your area?

Yesterday at 18:54 PM, via BBC News

Explore the data on coronavirus in the UK and find out how many cases there are in your area.


Matrics in De Hoop – In their own words

Yesterday at 23:05 PM, via CapeNature

On the weekend of 19-21 five 2020 Matric learners were hosted by CapeNature and world-renowned adventurer Riaan Manser at the De Hoop Nature Reserve. These five matriculants; Jama Paliso, Hannah Chetty, Abdullah Seedat, Silondukhule Nquma and Lucy can der Meulen were the runners up in a campaign that saw five other students join Manser on […]