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SUNDAY, 25 AUGUST 2019, 03:02


Amazon opens its biggest global campus in India

Yesterday at 19:00 PM, via IOL

The move comes months after the Seattle-based company scrapped plans to build a major outpost in New York, blaming opposition from local leaders.


These 3 South Africans were hit by banking fraud – here’s what happened

Yesterday at 18:30 PM, via BusinessTech

The Ombudsman for Banking Service (OBS) has published a new report on fraud in South Africa showing that it received a total of 3,785 formal cases for the year to date, largely relating to internet banking, credit cards, ATM disputes, and personal loans.


Britain to donate £90m to global fund for war-zone education

Yesterday at 23:30 PM, via The Guardian

Boris Johnson to announce donation at G7 and urge fellow leaders to spend more of their aid budget on schooling

Britain will contribute £90m to a global fund that provides schooling for children in conflict zones, Boris Johnson will announce at the G7 summit on Sunday.

Education Cannot Wait is a global fund established in 2016: it is based at Unicef and overseen by a steering group chaired by


‘Easier’ exams offered by private schools smooth pupils’ entry to top universities

Yesterday at 22:35 PM, via The Guardian

Russell Group members admit they treat less-rigorous IGCSEs the same as new, harder GCSEs

Top universities are giving privately educated children an unfair advantage by not differentiating between the rigorous GCSEs compulsory in the state system and less demanding exams taken in many fee-paying schools, MPs and educationists said last night.

Just days after GCSE results day last Thursday,...


Ask Slashdot: How Do You Estimate the Cost of an Algorithm Turned Into an ASIC?

Today at 01:39 AM, via Slashdot

“Another coder and I are exploring the possibility of having a video-processing algorithm written in C turned into an ASIC (“Application Specific Integrated Circuit”) hardware chip that could go inside various consumer electronics devices,” writes Slashdot reader dryriver.

The problem? There seems to be very little good information on how much a 20Kb, or 50Kb or indeed a 150Kb algorithm written...


UK Cybersecurity Agency Urges Devs To Drop Python 2

Today at 00:45 AM, via Slashdot

Python’s End-of-Life date is 129 days away, warns the UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). “There will be no more bug fixes, or security updates, from Python’s core developers.”

An anonymous reader quotes ZDNet:

The UK’s cyber-security agency warned developers Thursday to consider moving Python 2.x codebases to the newer 3.x branch due to the looming end-of-life of Python 2, scheduled for...


First Alleged Crime In Space?

Yesterday at 23:34 PM, via Slashdot

bobstreo tipped us off to an interesting story. The BBC reports that NASA “is reported to be investigating a claim that an astronaut accessed the bank account of her estranged spouse from the International Space Station, in what may be the first allegation of a crime committed in space.”

Anne McClain acknowledges accessing the account from the ISS but denies any wrongdoing, the New York Times...


How helpful are self-help programmes?

Yesterday at 19:00 PM, via Health24

Before you embark on a journey of self-help, do you check the credibility of the content creators you’re about to take life-altering advice from?


How Renewable Energy is Changing the Valve Manufacturing Industry

17 August at 14:48 PM, via

The post How Renewable Energy is Changing the Valve Manufacturing Industry appeared first on Environment News South Africa.

Fossil fuels still rule the energy supply roost. But for how long? According to Barclays Bank, renewables will be the fastest-growing energy source over the next two decades. With falling costs and an increased awareness of the effects of climate change, we can only expect...