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MONDAY, 15 JULY 2024, 22:08


The Consequential Meeting in China Being Held in Secret

Today at 21:45 PM, via NPR

Every five years China’s Communist Party holds a meeting in secret called the “third plenum”. And while it may sound arcane, there are a lot of important policy decisions that have come out of this meeting. Our correspondent in Beijing tells us what is at stake for the meeting this week.

Soccer’s diversity unites a divided Europe, sort of

Today at 21:15 PM, via NPR

Four weeks of chanting and shouting on the streets were not expressions of anger about politics — but the sound of joy and excitement about the European Championship soccer tournament.

Tested: The Choice

Today at 09:00 AM, via NPR

Episode 1: Would you alter your body for the chance to compete for a gold medal? That’s the question facing a small group of elite athletes right now. Last year, track and field authorities announced new regulations that mean some women can’t compete in the female category unless they lower their body’s naturally occurring testosterone levels. You’ll meet one of those runners, Christine Mboma,...

Tested: Questions of a Physical Nature

Today at 09:00 AM, via NPR

Episode 2: We go back almost 100 years, to the beginning of women’s inclusion in elite sports. It turns out that men had an odd variety of concerns about women athletes. Some doubted these athletes were even women at all. And their skepticism resulted in the first policies requiring sex testing. To listen to this series sponsor-free and support NPR, sign up for Embedded+ in Apple Podcasts or at...

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