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MONDAY, 15 JULY 2024, 23:45

South Africa

Kenya’s Government Cuts Spending by 2% in Revised Budget

Today at 20:41 PM, via iAfrica

Following mass protests against tax hikes, Kenya’s government has devised a new budget that reduces the original 2024/25 budget by 1.9% and widens the fiscal deficit to 3.6% of the country’s GDP.  The supplementary budget, signed by Principal Treasury Secretary Chris Kiptoo, projects total spending at $30 billion, down from $31 billion. Recurrent expenditure will… Read More »Kenya’s...

Tunisian Government Continues Opposition Crackdown Ahead of Presidential Election

Today at 20:39 PM, via iAfrica

As elections draw nearer in Tunisia, authorities have continued to target prominent opposition figures and potential presidential candidates for arrests and court summons. Abdellatif Mekki, a former health minister, faces movement restrictions amid charges related to a 2014 murder. His party has since condemned these charges as politically motivated. Similarly, Lotfi Mraihi, a physician...

Planned Atmis Withdrawal Puts Somalia’s Security at Risk

Today at 20:38 PM, via iAfrica

As the African Union Transition Mission in Somalia (Atmis) prepares to exit, security experts say Somalia will still need foreign troops due to financial and political constraints. Atmis, authorized by the UN to mentor the Somali National Army (SNA), faces challenges as the deadly al Shabaab remains resilient. Despite some progress by the SNA, which… Read More »Planned Atmis Withdrawal Puts...

Congo Delays UN Peacekeepers’ Exit Due to Presence of Rwandan Troops

Today at 20:36 PM, via iAfrica

The withdrawal of UN peacekeepers from Congo’s North Kivu province is unlikely to proceed as planned due to the presence of Rwandan troops, according to Congolese Foreign Minister Therese Kayikwamba Wagner. North Kivu has been facing a two-year insurgency by the Rwanda-backed M23 militia, which has displaced over a million people since it began. According… Read More »Congo Delays UN...

Clash Between Congolese Soldiers and Militiamen Kills Dozens

Today at 20:34 PM, via iAfrica

On Sunday, a series of clashes between Congolese soldiers and Mobondo militiamen in Kinsele, a village in western Democratic Republic of Congo, resulted in the death of dozens of people. According to David Bisaka, a lawmaker from the province, the death toll includes 42 Mobondo militiamen, nine soldiers, and one civilian woman. The Mobondo, part… Read More »Clash Between Congolese Soldiers...

Algerian Opposition Leader Drops Out of Presidential Race

Today at 20:33 PM, via iAfrica

Louisa Hanoune, leader of the Algerian Workers Party, has withdrawn from the presidential race, citing “unfair conditions” that favor the incumbent President Abdelmajid Tebboune. Hanoune announced her decision on Facebook, claiming that the legal framework is biased against Tebboune’s opponents and had been made so to prevent them from contesting. Hanoune, a veteran opposition...

Gambia’s Lawmakers Vote Down Bill Seeking to Overturn FGM Ban

Today at 20:31 PM, via iAfrica

Gambia’s parliament has rejected a bill to overturn the 2015 ban on female genital mutilation (FGM), contrasting with the majority approval when it was introduced in March. Speaker Fabakary Tombong Jatta announced the results, stating that a majority of MPs voted against the bill even before its third and final reading later this month. The… Read More »Gambia’s Lawmakers Vote Down Bill...

South Africa’s Electricity Minister Reveals Nuclear Energy Plans

Today at 20:26 PM, via iAfrica

South Africa plans to address its electricity concerns with nuclear energy, according to Minister of Electricity and Energy Kgosientsho Ramokgopa. Recently, South Africa has experienced challenges in its electricity sector, with load shedding becoming the norm. However, that is now a thing of the past with Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd.’s recent announcement of uninterrupted 100-day… Read More...

Dangote Group Reveals Plans to Achieve $30 Billion in Revenue by 2025

Today at 20:21 PM, via iAfrica

The Dangote Group aims to generate $30 billion in revenue by 2025 and become Nigeria’s largest foreign exchange supplier. If successful, the group will have achieved a $455% increase in revenue within three years, using its 2022 revenue of $5.4 billion as a benchmark. The Group’s Chairman and Founder, Alhaji Aliko Dangote, announced this goal… Read More »Dangote Group Reveals Plans to...

Belgian Museum Plans Restitution of African Objects

Today at 20:17 PM, via iAfrica

The Royal Museum for Central Africa in Belgium is grappling with its colonial past, particularly regarding its collection of 40,000 objects obtained through violence during its colonization of Congo, Rwanda, and Burundi. A significant example is a necklace from central Africa, once belonging to Yakaumbu Kamanda Lumpungu, a proponent of Congolese independence who was executed… Read More...

South Africa’s Police Minister Urges Overhaul of Crime-Fighting Laws

Today at 16:25 PM, via iAfrica

In a recent media briefing in Pretoria, Police Minister Senzo Mchunu emphasized the urgent need for legislative reforms to enhance South Africa’s crime-fighting efforts. With the new administration now in place, Mchunu highlighted that current laws, particularly the South African Police Service Act, are outdated and inadequate in addressing modern-day challenges. Mchunu pointed out...

VBS Scandal Update: Former CFO Philip Truter Released on Parole

Today at 16:23 PM, via iAfrica

Three years after admitting guilt in the VBS scandal, Philip Truter, former CFO of the embattled bank, has been granted parole. Truter, who pled guilty in October 2020 to charges including racketeering, money laundering, tax evasion, fraud, and corruption, was sentenced to seven years in prison. Singabakho Nxumalo, spokesperson for the Correctional Services, confirmed Truter’s… Read More...

Dali Mpofu Reacts to VBS Allegations: No Wrongdoing by EFF Leadership, Asserts Former Chair

Today at 16:18 PM, via iAfrica

Former Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) national chairperson, Dali Mpofu, responded to allegations linking EFF leaders to VBS Mutual Bank, asserting that even if the claims were true, no criminal activity occurred. Last week, former VBS chair Tshifhiwa Matodzi struck a plea deal, admitting guilt in the bank’s collapse and receiving a 15-year prison term. In… Read More »Dali Mpofu Reacts to...

Senzo Mchunu Vows to Tackle Construction Mafia: Prioritizing Accountability

Today at 16:12 PM, via iAfrica

New Police Minister Senzo Mchunu has pledged to prioritize eradicating the notorious construction mafia from the country. These extortion groups are known for coercing local construction companies into paying unwarranted fees, hindering project progress. Former Public Works Minister Sihle Zikalala previously disclosed that the construction mafia has cost the nation over R68 billion. Addressing...

Long walk in honour of Mandela

Today at 16:09 PM, via SABC News

Famously known as ‘King’, Mokonyama hopes his long journey will inspire the young and the old.

South Africa’s New Home Affairs Minister Vows Tougher Stance on Illegal Immigration

Today at 16:03 PM, via iAfrica

South Africa’s new Home Affairs Minister, Leon Schreiber, has pledged a rigorous crackdown on illegal immigration, signaling increased inspections across all sectors. With plans to deport those unlawfully employed, Schreiber emphasizes that maintaining border control is crucial for economic growth and investor confidence. The recent parliamentary debate highlighted concerns over the...

Addressing Climate Impact on South Africa’s Finances: Ramaphosa Calls for Action

Today at 15:55 PM, via iAfrica

President Cyril Ramaphosa highlighted in his recent newsletter the profound financial toll of increasing natural disasters on South Africa. He emphasized that these disasters not only hinder economic growth and reduce tax revenues but also necessitate higher spending on disaster relief and social support for affected communities. To tackle these challenges head-on amid climate change,… Read...

South Africa Navigates Bilateral Talks Amidst USA Relationship Review

Today at 15:49 PM, via iAfrica

The South African government remains optimistic about resolving tensions with the United States of America (USA) following a congressional motion to reassess bilateral ties. Earlier this year, the bill was introduced in response to an International Court of Justice ruling implicating Israel in potential acts of genocide in Gaza, a case initiated by South Africa.… Read More »South Africa...

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