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MONDAY, 15 JULY 2024, 23:35


Senegal election still anyone’s game

03 February at 19:00 PM, via Mail & Guardian

Although the West African country has not experienced a coup, unlike others in the region, the February vote could be marred by violence

Zimbabwe’s Job Sikhala set free

02 February at 09:14 AM, via Mail & Guardian

The opposition politician and fierce government critic has been arrested more than 60 times

South Africa’s first exports under AfCFTA set sail

01 February at 06:00 AM, via Mail & Guardian

The African Continental Free Trade Area agreement creates the world’s largest free trade area by number of countries

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Inside the ‘African quality’ fuel scandal

22 January at 07:00 AM, via Mail & Guardian

European ports are being used as trading hubs for fuel that is too dirty – and dangerous – to be sold in the EU. No prizes for guessing where it ends up instead

Scramble for the Sahel intensifies

13 January at 10:00 AM, via Mail & Guardian

Why foreign powers France, Russia, China and the United States are interested in the region

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