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SUNDAY, 15 DECEMBER 2019, 16:59


S.Africa’s businesses marooned by rolling blackouts

Today at 14:39 PM, via Fin24

As if choreographed by a puppet master, stores along the aisle of a Johannesburg mall hurriedly shut their doors one by one as soon as power outages strike slap-bang in the middle of the day.

Expect smartwatch prices to come down

Today at 13:30 PM, via BusinessTech

Global end-user spending on wearable devices will total $52 billion in 2020 — an increase of 27% from 2019 — according to the latest forecast from Gartner.

Was Eskom really sabotaged?

Today at 08:06 AM, via BusinessTech

Energy expert and former advisor to Eskom, Mike Rossouw, has questioned president Cyril Ramaphosa’s claim that sabotage was one of the major contributing factors to stage 6 load shedding this past week.

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