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MONDAY, 13 JULY 2020, 00:53


Eskom stage 2 load shedding on Monday

Yesterday at 19:22 PM, via BusinessTech

Power utility, Eskom says it will implement stage 2 load shedding on Monday 13 July, with next week’s outlook remaining bleak.

South African municipalities and debt

Yesterday at 17:47 PM, via BusinessTech

How many South African municipalities are in a position to pay back short-term debt? Stats SA’s latest Financial census of municipalities report provides an answer.

Older South Africans are taking their wealth and pensions offshore

Yesterday at 17:00 PM, via BusinessTech

In the current precarious economic climate, South African residents over age 55, who invested in retirement annuities (RAs), preservation funds or pensions, are increasingly transferring their investments to living annuities with offshore equity exposure.

How to avoid vehicle repossession when times are tough

Yesterday at 16:00 PM, via BusinessTech

Consumers are struggling under the current recessionary environment in South Africa. This can lead many to make poor financial decisions such as skipping a vehicle instalment payment, leading to repossession by the bank.

South Africa’s top brands could lose over R65 billion from Covid-19

Yesterday at 14:00 PM, via BusinessTech

As the Covid-19 pandemic wreaks havoc on the global and national economy, South Africa’s top 50 most valuable brands could lose up to 15% of brand value cumulatively, a drop of over R65 billion, according to the latest Brand Finance South Africa 50 2020 report.

Covid-19 and other things that happen to other people  

Yesterday at 12:00 PM, via BusinessTech

The fashionable view, now held by various experts, pundits and the chattersphere, is that the Covid-19 pandemic does not warrant the lock-down, notes Mica Townsend, business development manager at 10X Investments.

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