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THURSDAY, 14 NOVEMBER 2019, 12:44


‘The Good Liar’ can’t make the most of its dream Mirren-McKellen pairing

Yesterday at 19:20 PM, via CNN

The world-class pairing of Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen is the only calling card that “The Good Liar” needs. Yet even these two knighted performers — in a rare star vehicle for a pair of senior citizens — can’t elevate this adaptation of Nicholas Searle’s book, which clearly wants to be twisty and Hitchcockian but never quite gets there.

‘Charlie’s Angels’ isn’t enough fun to earn its wings

Yesterday at 16:32 PM, via CNN

“Charlie’s Angels” has just enough fun with the premise to be tolerable, and not enough to justify a reboot that nobody really needed. This latest big-screen spin on the 1970s TV series brings playfulness and a stronger feminist streak courtesy of writer-director-co-star Elizabeth Banks, but it lacks the consistency to earn its wings.

‘Man Made’ views the transgender experience through a bodybuilding lens

Yesterday at 16:25 PM, via CNN

“Man Made” looks at the transgender experience through what seems like a highly specific lens: The only bodybuilding competition for transgender participants. But focusing on competitors at different stages, facing a variety of issues, offers a complex, nuanced view, in a way that does a lot of heavy lifting for a small film.

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