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SATURDAY, 21 SEPTEMBER 2019, 21:39


‘Ad Astra’ launches Brad Pitt into cerebral sci-fi realm

Thursday at 16:02 PM, via CNN

Add “Ad Astra” to the shrinking ranks of cerebral science fiction, a movie that explores the great mysteries against an epic interstellar backdrop. Yet the movie works as well as it does thanks largely to its human component — specifically, Brad Pitt as the intrepid, emotionally aloof astronaut who braves facing his past to try saving humanity’s future.

‘Where’s My Roy Cohn?’ profiles notorious lawyer with Trump ties

Thursday at 15:55 PM, via CNN

Roy Cohn tells an interviewer his legacy is inextricably linked to the Army-McCarthy hearings, but it’s impossible to watch “Where’s My Roy Cohn?” without seeing the red-baiting attorney and fixer through the prism of the current President of the United States.

Mark Ronson comes out as sapiosexual

Thursday at 14:06 PM, via IOL

Mark Ronson has revealed that he identifies as “sapiosexual”, meaning he is attracted to intelligence before gender.

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