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SUNDAY, 09 AUGUST 2020, 15:43


Yet another study finds vaccines to be safe

Today at 15:00 PM, via Health24

A new review shows that ‘vaccines are remarkably safe, and that the current vaccine approval and post-marketing surveillance processes are robust and effective’.

Coronavirus Live Updates: Latest News and Analysis

Yesterday at 17:51 PM, via New York Times

Talks on a new U.S. pandemic relief package are stalled and its crucial benefits are expiring. President Trump said he would use executive orders to provide aid, but it is unclear whether he has the power to do so.

Covid-19 Live Updates: Global Tracker

Friday at 19:50 PM, via New York Times

Lawmakers and White House officials are still divided over pandemic aid as a program to help small businesses is set to end. The Ohio governor tested positive — and then negative — for the virus.

A Birthday at the Cemetery

Friday at 11:00 AM, via New York Times

All I could think about was how quickly the first 40 years of my life had flown by and how nothing was guaranteed ahead.

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