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WEDNESDAY, 19 JUNE 2019, 16:40


WATCH: What if 50% of everything went extinct?

Today at 15:30 PM, via Health24

Humans are to blame for up to one million species facing extinction around the world, and, thanks to climate change, global warming and increased pollution, Planet Earth could already be in the middle of its sixth major extinction.

An Anti-Aging Pill? Think Twice

Today at 11:00 AM, via New York Times

The diabetes drug metformin, sometimes taken to slow aging, may blunt the health benefits of exercise.

Summer camps are requiring children get vaccinated amid measles fears

Today at 10:16 AM, via CNN

Each summer, as Lauren Rutkowski and her husband Joel await the arrival of energized, sun-kissed children for their seven-week camp, the couple surveys the canoes and paddleboards, the arts and crafts, the food menus — and every camper’s vaccination records.

Euthanasia law takes effect in Australia’s Victoria state

Today at 10:01 AM, via Reuters

Voluntary euthanasia became legal in the Australian state of Victoria on Wednesday, with the government saying it had extensive safeguards to prevent the process being misused while allowing people a compassionate choice over how they die.

Richer countries have less faith in vaccines, survey finds

Today at 06:11 AM, via CNN

People in high-income countries have the lowest confidence in vaccines, with about 20% of those in Europe either disagreeing or being unsure of whether vaccines are safe, according to a new global survey.

France leads the world in mistrust of vaccines

Today at 06:09 AM, via Reuters

For Marie-Claire Grime, who works in a pharmacy northeast of Paris, questions about vaccines are a daily challenge. They come mainly from parents who say they’re worried about “a lot of chemicals” being put into their children, she says. She does her best to allay such fears.

Varying vaccine trust leaves populations vulnerable, global study finds

Today at 06:07 AM, via Reuters

Trust in vaccines – one of the world’s most effective and widely-used medical products – is highest in poorer countries but weaker in wealthier ones where scepticism has allowed outbreaks of diseases such as measles to persist, a global study found on Wednesday.

Obesity-related pain contributes to opioid use

Today at 00:33 AM, via Reuters

(Reuters Health) – Long-term use of prescription opioids for chronic pain is more common among people who are overweight or obese, a new study finds.

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