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WEDNESDAY, 08 JULY 2020, 23:44


Coronavirus Live News and Updates

Today at 15:11 PM, via New York Times

Amid a push to reopen schools, a Trump administration directive would require in-person classes.

An HIV drug you only take twice a year?

Yesterday at 16:00 PM, via Health24

Over time, taking daily pills for HIV can be a burden, but there is hope that soon there will be a drug that patients will only need to take every six months.

A Shot to Protect Against H.I.V.

Yesterday at 15:00 PM, via New York Times

A drug injected every two months is more effective at preventing H.I.V. infection than a daily pill, scientists report.

Live Coronavirus Updates: Testing Demand in U.S. Soars

Yesterday at 13:46 PM, via New York Times

Dr. Anthony Fauci said the country was “knee-deep in the first wave.” The U.S. will pay a company $1.6 billion for vaccine development. Brazil’s president had Covid-19 symptoms.

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