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MONDAY, 15 JULY 2024, 23:08


Sex, murder and colonisation

Saturday at 22:00 PM, via Times Live

Ghanaian author Kobby Ben Ben tells Mila de Villiers how he enjoys the shock factor in his writing, blending graphic gay sex and grisly killings with social commentary

WATCH: Viral Pet Video – 13 July 2024

Saturday at 17:36 PM, via The South African

Watch this viral pet video that will leave you in “awes” and “lols”. Buckle up; you are not ready for this cuteness overload!

Purrfect memory? Can cats remember people?

Saturday at 13:59 PM, via The South African

Cats have the ability to remember people, recognising familiar faces and associating them with past experiences, interactions, and scents.

F1 filmmakers deny $300 million production cost

Saturday at 13:05 PM, via The South African

Starring Hollywood star Brad Pitt, 2025 F1 filmmakers have slammed rumours that the movie’s budget has tipped the scales at $300 million …

Are these dog breeds picky eaters?

Saturday at 11:40 AM, via The South African

Certain dog breeds are known to be picky eaters, often requiring specific diets to meet their nutritional needs.

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