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WEDNESDAY, 21 OCTOBER 2020, 12:11


Scott Ramsay’s Photo Tours – Robberg Nature Reserve

Yesterday at 12:11 PM, via CapeNature

Words and photos by Scott Ramsay Take all the natural wonders of Robberg, and divide them by the number of square metres of this relatively tiny reserve…and you’ve got one of the most impressive reserves in the country. Few other small protected areas pack so much punch. Lying near the town of Plettenberg Bay (although […]

Essential Estuaries – Restoring an effective link between catchments and the ocean

15 October at 15:44 PM, via CapeNature

The link between oceans and land, in most instances, is not well understood as people do not comprehend and understand the impact that their day to day life has on the ocean whether positive or negative. Freshwater, a critical life-giving resource, evaporates from the ocean surface and is largely responsible for much of the rain that reaches the land. […]

Marine Month 2020 – Help to keep our oceans clean

14 October at 20:52 PM, via CapeNature

By Lusanda Gqaza and Yanga Mbatana, Environmental Education Officers, De Hoop Nature Reserve October is Marine Month and a timely reminder to us all about the importance of our waterways and oceans. Litter is not only harmful to marine life but also toxic to humans and water systems. It is our duty as conservators and the general […]

African Penguin Awareness Day 2020

10 October at 10:53 AM, via CapeNature

We celebrated African Penguin Awareness Day on Saturday, 10 October 2020 – here are some quick facts to help you brush up on your African Penguin knowledge. 1) They were once considered ‘fish’ When Bartholomew Diaz and his crew first landed in southern Africa they became the first Europeans to see African Penguins. The Portuguese […]

Marine Month 2020 – creating opportunities for young people through conservation

09 October at 09:47 AM, via CapeNature

International Marine Month is celebrated every October worldwide. In South Africa, the month is used to create awareness of our marine and coastal environment and the benefits that our oceans bring to our nation. This year’s theme, “Innovation for a Sustainable Ocean”, encourages a fresh approach to the conservation of this important resource. The Hermanus […]

What rats and bats can tell us about ecosystems

07 October at 15:58 PM, via CapeNature

By Dr Marienne de Villiers, Faunal Ecologist at CapeNature They may be tiny, but small mammals play an important role in nature and some are excellent indicators of ecosystem condition. They are key prey species for many carnivores, they help to pollinate plants and disperse seeds, and their burrows aerate the soil. They also help to […]

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