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FRIDAY, 01 MARCH 2024, 00:57


News24 | ANC has right to ‘influence’ govt decisions, says court, but cadre records show it went further

21 February at 19:00 PM, via News24

While the Gauteng High Court in Pretoria, in dismissing the DA’s application to have cadre deployment declared unlawful, found the ANC “is entitled to influence government decisions”, the tranche of cadre deployment records shows the party went further than mere “influencing” government appointments, it also ordered ministers to run all appointments by the deployment committee.

Court finds DA misinterpreted Zondo commission report on cadre deployment

21 February at 19:00 PM, via Mail & Guardian

The Pretoria high court found no common cause that the ANC policy has resulted in corruption, maladministration and state capture

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