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MONDAY, 27 JUNE 2022, 13:13

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Why Boris Johnson may soon be out of a job?

Today at 12:53 PM, via Al Jazeera

Recent Conservative by-election defeats mean Johnson may soon join the list of British PMs who lost power between elections.

South Africa

SIU freezes luxury property linked to former NLC chairperson

Today at 11:25 AM, via SAnews

The Special Investigating Unit (SIU) has obtained a preservation order to freeze a luxury property owned by Vhuthanda Investment, whose sole director is former National Lotteries Commission board chairperson, Prof Alfred Nevhutanda.

South Africa

New Umalusi council appointed

Today at 11:01 AM, via SAnews

Education quality assessor, Umalusi, has announced the appointment of its sixth council.


Well run by Nigeria’s Eroton spills oil and gas for over a week

Yesterday at 22:57 PM, via News24

A well at a site operated by local Nigerian firm Eroton Exploration and Production Limited has been spilling oil and gas into the Niger Delta for more than a week, the company and an agency responsible for detecting oil spills said.


Safe and legal abortion is free

Today at 10:53 AM, via The South African

There is no justification for women to use an illegal and unsafe abortion clinic if they want to end their pregnancy.


How to forge an African partnership for African success

Today at 12:48 PM, via MyBroadband

Connectivity is the future of African success! This statement stands true in more ways than one, which makes this statement the perfect tagline for the work that Liquid Intelligent Technologies undertakes on this great continent.


In Light of Roe v. Wade Ruling, Men Share Their Abortion Stories

Saturday at 11:00 AM, via New York Times

In light of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, advocates from all sides of the issue have called for men to be part of the conversation. The Times heard from hundreds who wanted to share their stories.