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SUNDAY, 24 OCTOBER 2021, 23:00

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ANALYSIS: Anti-vaxxing politics — an ideal wedge issue for the desperate and low

Today at 20:40 PM, via Daily Maverick

With the most complicated local elections in our democratic history now just a week away, some political parties appear to be battling to catch the national narrative oxygen. This has led to some trying to use the issue of vaccinations as a way to generate more support. For other players who, for political reasons of their own, work hard on spreading distrust within our society, the vaccination...

2021 ELECTIONS ANALYSIS: Two-horse races: These are battlegrounds where ANC and DA could expect further damage

Today at 19:25 PM, via Daily Maverick

There were a handful of municipalities in 2016 where only two parties won election to their councils. These municipalities are in the main expected to be battlegrounds on 1 November. However, the national landscape is vastly different to that of 2016, when the African National Congress (ANC), the Democratic Alliance (DA), Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) on a national level and the Inkatha...

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