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SUNDAY, 16 MAY 2021, 21:05

South Africa

Stage 2 load shedding under way

Today at 19:05 PM, via SABC News

Load shedding is back. Eskom started implementing stage 2 power cuts at 5pm on Sunday afternoon and will continue until 10pm on Tuesday.


Anti-coup rebels say six dead in Myanmar clashes

Today at 20:03 PM, via News24

Six opposition rebels have been killed after days of clashes in Myanmar, an anti-junta defence force made up of civilians said on Sunday, as Britain and the United States condemned the military’s violence against civilians.


Boom times for organic cocoa in Ivory Coast

Today at 17:01 PM, via News24

Cocoa farmers across Ivory Coast, the world’s biggest producer of the key ingredient for chocolate, are down in the dumps after prices for their commodity have fallen for the second year running.


Political parties react to National State of Disaster extension

Yesterday at 10:52 AM, via SABC News

Today marks 14 months since the government declared the National State of Disaster. The move was in response to the outbreak of the coronavirus in March last year. It’s been extended for another month. It will officially kick in from May 15 until June 15. The new one-month extension was approved by Cabinet and gazetted […]


West Brom 1-2 Liverpool: Sam Allardyce anger at officials

Today at 20:37 PM, via BBC News

West Brom manager Sam Allardyce says it was “a disgrace” to rule out Kyle Bartley’s close-range finish for interference by Matt Philips in their 2-1 Premier League defeat to Liverpool at the Hawthorns.


Universities are failing to tackle rape culture on campus, students say

Today at 18:12 PM, via The Guardian

Sit-in protest over sexual misconduct at Warwick University enters its ninth week

Students have said universities are still failing to tackle rape culture on campus as a sit-in protest over sexual misconduct at Warwick University enters its ninth week.

Student group Protect Warwick Women has been camping in tents outside the student union building since March to protest over what they see as...


Huawei Could Eavesdrop on 6.5 Million Dutch Cellphone Users Without their Knowledge

Today at 20:34 PM, via Slashdot

“Chinese technology provider Huawei was recently accused of being able to monitor all calls made using Dutch mobile operator KPN,” writes the Conversation. Long-time Slashdot reader schwit1 shares their report:The revelations are from a secret 2010 report made by consultancy firm Capgemini, which KPN commissioned to evaluate the risks of working with Huawei infrastructure. While the full report...


After 35 Years, Classic Shareware Game ‘Cap’n Magneto’ Finally Fully Resurrected

Today at 19:34 PM, via Slashdot

A newspaper in Austin, Texas shares the story behind a cult-classic videogame, the 1985 Macintosh shareware game “Cap’n Magneto.” It was the work of Al Evans, who’d “decided to live life to the fullest after suffering severe burn injuries in 1963” at the age of 17.Beneath the surface, “Cap’n Magneto” is a product of its creator’s own quest to overcome adversity after a terrible car crash — an...


MITRE Security Tests Reveal Built-in Advantage of First-Gen Antivirus Vendors

Today at 18:34 PM, via Slashdot

Slashdot reader storagedude writes: The MITRE cybersecurity product evaluations use adversarial attack techniques instead of basic malware samples, and as a result are the best tests of enterprise security products — particularly in light of dramatic recent attacks on SolarWinds and Colonial Pipeline. What’s especially interesting is just how well first-generation antivirus vendors like...


Learn To Skate This Summer

Today at 05:42 AM, via New York Times

After a year spent largely indoors, adults are regaining a sense of balance on roller skates, bikes and skateboards.


Mint Drink Recipes

Today at 05:21 AM, via New York Times

Mint is a wonderful flavor to enrich warm-weather coolers.