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MONDAY, 17 MAY 2021, 02:49

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‘My exhausting smear test battle’

Today at 01:29 AM, via BBC News

Transgender men, such as Laurie, are not automatically contacted for potentially life-saving smear tests.

South Africa

South Africa targets five million elderly people in phase two of COVID-19 vaccine rollout

Yesterday at 23:36 PM, via SABC News

South Africa will launch phase two of its vaccine rollout on Monday with the aim of inoculating five million citizens aged over 60 by the end of June, its health minister said. “This is provided that the supply of vaccines flows as anticipated. By the end of June we expect to have received 4.5 million […]

South Africa

Stage 2 load shedding under way

Yesterday at 19:05 PM, via SABC News

Load shedding is back. Eskom started implementing stage 2 power cuts at 5pm on Sunday afternoon and will continue until 10pm on Tuesday.


Dozens hurt in Israeli synagogue accident – ambulance service

Yesterday at 23:24 PM, via News24

At least 60 worshippers were injured, some of them critically, on Sunday when a grandstand seating area collapsed in a crowded synagogue in a Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank, Israel’s Magen David Adom ambulance service said.


Boom times for organic cocoa in Ivory Coast

Yesterday at 17:01 PM, via News24

Cocoa farmers across Ivory Coast, the world’s biggest producer of the key ingredient for chocolate, are down in the dumps after prices for their commodity have fallen for the second year running.


SAB Zenzele Kabili to list on JSE

Today at 00:02 AM, via Moneyweb

‘We’re now moving to a publicly listed scheme that will hold shares in our global beer maker, AB InBev’: SAB company secretary Duncan Pask.


Political parties react to National State of Disaster extension

Saturday at 10:52 AM, via SABC News

Today marks 14 months since the government declared the National State of Disaster. The move was in response to the outbreak of the coronavirus in March last year. It’s been extended for another month. It will officially kick in from May 15 until June 15. The new one-month extension was approved by Cabinet and gazetted […]


Universities are failing to tackle rape culture on campus, students say

Yesterday at 18:12 PM, via The Guardian

Sit-in protest over sexual misconduct at Warwick University enters its ninth week

Students have said universities are still failing to tackle rape culture on campus as a sit-in protest over sexual misconduct at Warwick University enters its ninth week.

Student group Protect Warwick Women has been camping in tents outside the student union building since March to protest over what they see as...


How to watch the MTV Movie & TV awards

Yesterday at 23:15 PM, via CNN

The MTV Movie & TV Awards, a popular vote and popcorn trophy celebration of the best entertainment of the year, will take place Sunday.


Aluminum-Ion Battery Claimed to Charge 60 Times Faster, Hold 3X the Energy

Today at 01:45 AM, via Slashdot

Graphene aluminum-ion battery cells from Brisbane-based Graphene Manufacturing Group “are claimed to charge up to 60 times faster than the best lithium-ion cells and hold three time the energy of the best aluminum-based cells,” writes a transportation correspondent for Forbes:They are also safer, with no upper Ampere limit to cause spontaneous overheating, more sustainable and easier to...


The Bizarre Story of the Man Who Invented Ransomware in 1989

Today at 00:34 AM, via Slashdot

Slashdot reader quonset writes:To this day no one is sure why he did it, but in 1989 a Harvard-taught evolutionary biologist named Joseph Popp mailed out 20,000 floppy discs with malware on them to people around the world. At the time he was doing research into AIDS and the discs had been sent to attendees of the World Health Organization’s AIDS conference in Stockholm. Eddy Willems was working...


California City Apologizes for Wrongly Accusing Bloggers of Criminal Hacking

Yesterday at 23:36 PM, via Slashdot

To settle a lawsuit, the city of Fullerton California “has agreed to pay $350,000 and take back its accusations of criminal computer hacking” against two local bloggers, reports the Orange County Register. The settlement ends what the newspaper calls “a contentious fight over censorship and freedom of speech.”The lawsuit accused Joshua Ferguson and David Curlee of stealing computerized...