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TUESDAY, 19 MARCH 2019, 08:17


Do it yourshelf: the Jakarta libraries with book nooks on tuk-tuks

Today at 08:00 AM, via The Guardian

Inventive Indonesians are coming up with new ways to get scarce reading materials into the hands of youngsters

With a great heave, a young man pushes the ancient, three-wheeled rickshaw down a ramp and it splutters to a start. The driver, Sutino “Kinong” Hadi, laughs as he putters his tiny Bemo in a loop outside a preschool in Tanah Abang, in central Jakarta. It’s all the signal the...

Nigeria: JAMB Introduces Innovations for 2019 UTME

Today at 07:10 AM, via All Africa

[Premium Times] Ahead of the Unified Tertiary Matriculations Examination (UTME), the Joint Admission and Matriculations Board (JAMB) said the board had introduced innovations its successful conduct.

No-deal Brexit could mean £130m hit to research budgets

Today at 02:01 AM, via The Guardian

Universities say vital projects are ‘days from stalling’ as EU grants could be lost

Universities have raised the alarm about the potential loss of hundreds of millions of pounds worth of EU grants from the UK in the case of a no-deal Brexit.

They warned that life-changing research “could be days away from stalling” and urged the government to set up contingency plans to protect UK access to...

England’s post-16 qualifications to be streamlined

Today at 02:01 AM, via The Guardian

Education secretary to launch consultation to check courses are fit for purpose

The government is planning to streamline post-16 qualifications in England, scrapping funding for what it sees as poor-quality courses that fail to equip young people adequately for further education or employment.

In addition to A-levels and the new T-level vocational qualifications, there are 12,000 post-16...

Securing a future for humanities: the clue is in the name| Letters

Yesterday at 21:23 PM, via The Guardian

Prof Joe Smith, director of the Royal Geographical Society, Prof Sir David Cannadine, president of the British Academy, and Prof Norman Gowar respond to a Guardian editorial

Your editorial in defence of the humanities (13 March) is well timed and well argued. The UK needs the contribution of Stem graduates and that made by graduates with knowledge, skills and understanding gained through study...

The Guardian view on special educational needs: segregation is not the answer | Editorial

Yesterday at 21:05 PM, via The Guardian

As the proportion of SEN children in alternative schools continues to rise, it’s time to stand up for inclusion

A showdown between parents of children with special needs and the government is coming. Three families from different parts of England have won the right to a judicial review of the funding allocated to local authorities to fulfil their obligation to educate the 253,680 young people...

Nigeria: Deplorable Hostels in Tertiary Institutions

Yesterday at 14:08 PM, via All Africa

[Guardian] Current political activities in the country should not take the steam out of a reality that the state of hostels for students in our public tertiary institutions leaves much to be desired.

‘It is an end-of-tether moment’ – Estelle Morris on the schools crisis, cuts and child poverty

Yesterday at 12:00 PM, via The Guardian

The former education secretary has watched as class sizes have gone up, schools have fallen into disrepair and teachers have covered for cleaners. What’s next, she asks

Estelle Morris is someone who tries to see the positive side. She’s polite about political foes; she hopes that something better will come out of the nightmare that is Brexit. But she is finding it hard to sound upbeat about...

Sudan: Historian Mekki Shibeika, a Dedicated Academic

Yesterday at 11:21 AM, via All Africa

[SudaNow] He outmatched his contemporaries; being the first Sudanese to obtain a doctorate degree in history and the first Sudanese to obtain a professorship in this domain. Because of his discretion and his good performance as a school boy, the school tasked him to teach his fellow students when the history teacher failed to return from his leave because of illness.

‘It was our catwalk’: the children who gave their town a fashion makeover

Yesterday at 09:00 AM, via The Guardian

How one Welsh town became the backdrop for a remarkable fashion shoot. Words by Paula Cocozza. Photographs by Clémentine Schneidermann and Charlotte James

After their costume workshop at the Gellideg youth centre in Merthyr Tydfil, south Wales, some of the girls who had taken part braved the wind and the rain to parade the streets in their finery. It was soon after Halloween, November 2016....

China’s primary school students to learn how to avoid stock market pitfalls

Yesterday at 08:39 AM, via The Guardian

Ministry of education will work with country’s securities regulator to ‘increase financial literacy’ among China’s youth

Chinese primary school textbooks may soon include definitions for terms like “price-to-earnings ratio” or “buy and hold” as the country embarks on a campaign to improve investor awareness.

China’s ministry of education and the country’s securities regulator said they...

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