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SUNDAY, 21 APRIL 2019, 15:14


Mental health of pupils is ‘at crisis point’, teachers warn

Wednesday at 01:01 AM, via The Guardian

Anxiety, self-harm and suicide are rising, finds survey of school leaders and teachers in England

More than eight out of 10 teachers say mental health among pupils in England has deteriorated in the past two years – with rising reports of anxiety, self-harm and even cases of suicide – against a backdrop of inadequate support in schools.

In a survey of 8,600 school leaders, teachers and support...

The Great British School Swap review – racial harmony? It’s child’s play

Tuesday at 23:00 PM, via The Guardian

Pupils from Asian and white-majority areas are put into a classroom together in a well-intentioned social experiment that fails to get to the root of prejudice

Amina, a brown-skinned, teenage, Muslim pupil from Saltley academy, a secondary school in a predominantly brown-skinned Muslim area of Birmingham, thinks white people have different accents. “They’re like: ‘Ew, yew fucking...

Families still struggle to find primary school places in English cities

Tuesday at 19:57 PM, via The Guardian

Number of first-choice offers for September falls in London, Manchester and Birmingham

Families in major English cities are still struggling to find places in their preferred local primary schools, with demand remaining high in local authorities including Manchester, Birmingham and several London boroughs.

Despite a levelling off in the number of children enrolling for their first year of...

Labour will scrap Sats and let teachers teach, vows Jeremy Corbyn

Tuesday at 17:30 PM, via The Guardian

Party leader says he will relieve pressure so schools can deliver rich and varied curriculum

Labour has announced plans to scrap compulsory national tests for primary school children in England, with a promise to relieve pressure on overstretched schools and free up teachers to deliver a “rich and varied curriculum”.

Jeremy Corbyn chose to set out his proposals to abolish the regime of...

School assistant loses job over petition against LGBT teaching

Tuesday at 16:55 PM, via The Guardian

Gloucestershire academy sacks Kristie Higgs over posts about classes at son’s primary school

A Christian secondary school assistant has been dismissed after she posted an online petition against LGBT issues being taught at her son’s primary school.

Kristie Higgs, 43, was removed from her post as a pastoral assistant at a Gloucestershire academy after a disciplinary panel found she had...

Parents plan legal action over new tests for four-year-olds

Tuesday at 08:15 AM, via The Guardian

With a protest march next week and plans to take the government to court, campaigners are making their voices heard

On Thursday next week Kay Tart, from Hitchin in Hertfordshire, will help her daughter Isla dress in the uniform she will wear when she starts school in September. She will make sure the four-year-old’s favourite book and soft toy are in her backpack, but they won’t be heading...

I’m a teacher and I live in the back of a van

Tuesday at 08:00 AM, via The Guardian

Why I have to sacrifice home comforts and live 80 miles away from my family to work at the school I love

If I’d thought, 10 years into teaching, I’d be camping in the back of a van during the week, parking up under darkened coastal coverts, surviving on my wits at the front of class by day and my wife’s tasty pack-ups by night, would I have taken the plunge?

I have two sleeping bags...

Do A-level results matter or not? A question for our unscrupulous universities | Laura McInerney

Tuesday at 07:45 AM, via The Guardian

Universities have merrily sacrificed academic standards on the altar of cash. The school sector should not let them forget that

If you’re the parent of an 18-year-old , it is time to pat yourself on the back. The country has a shortage of this age group, due to a birth dip at the time of the millennium. Not only does this mean the group will have an incredible market value in a few years’...

Fifth of teachers plan to leave profession within two years

Tuesday at 01:01 AM, via The Guardian

National Education Union warns of exodus caused by excessive workloads

Two-fifths of teachers, school leaders and support staff plan to quit education in the next five years due to “out of control” workload pressures and “excessive” accountability, according to a poll by the country’s biggest teaching union.

Despite recent government attempts to address teachers’ concerns, 40% who took part in...

Thousands of pupils set to miss out on first-choice primary school

Tuesday at 01:01 AM, via The Guardian

Headteachers say increasingly fragmented system to blame for lack of coordinated planning

Thousands of parents in England are expected to miss out on their first choice of primary school on Tuesday when local authorities notify families where their child will start their education in September.

About half a million families will be contacted on national offer day, mainly by email. Although...

Primary teachers to be balloted on boycotting SAT exams

15 April at 21:03 PM, via The Guardian

If ballot is successful, NEU members in England will not give those tests next spring

Primary school teachers are to be balloted on whether to boycott SATs next year because of concerns that high-stakes testing is harming children’s mental health.

Delegates at the National Education Union (NEU) annual conference in Liverpool voted in favour of the action after a heated debate, seeing off an...

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