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SUNDAY, 09 AUGUST 2020, 16:02


Security, compliance, POPI and COVID-19

22 July at 08:38 AM, via ITWeb

Remote workforce productivity is affected by a plethora of factors – and now businesses have to take POPIA compliance into account, adding to the complexity.

ZTE: Pioneering standalone 5G

22 July at 08:34 AM, via ITWeb

Chinese mobile operators have confirmed the pending launch of standalone 5G networks, which promise an enhanced user experience for business and consumers.

Twitter Takedown Targets QAnon Accounts

22 July at 03:10 AM, via New York Times

The company said it had permanently suspended thousands of accounts associated with the fringe conspiracy theory movement.

Beware the ‘But China’ Excuses

21 July at 19:34 PM, via New York Times

Just because U.S. politicians and tech giants are blaming China, doesn’t mean we should be scared.

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