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TUESDAY, 19 MARCH 2019, 08:17


Facebook told to face up to extremism after New Zealand attack

Today at 08:04 AM, via TechCentral

Pressure is building on Facebook and other social media platforms to stop hosting extremist propaganda including terrorist events, after Friday’s deadly attacks on two mosques in New Zealand were live-streamed.

Be careful of investing in Bitcoin in 2019

Today at 08:02 AM, via MyBroadband

MyBroadband spoke to blockchain expert Simon Dingle about Bitcoin’s price movements this year, along with the changes coming to the blockchain.

Data analysis is not just algorithms

Today at 07:56 AM, via ITWeb

Math and stats can tell us all sorts of interesting things about data, by identifying patterns and unlocking buried truths or secrets.

Netflix shuns Apple’s new TV service

Today at 07:51 AM, via TechCentral

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has confirmed that his company won’t be participating in Apple’s new streaming platform, reflecting new competition between the Silicon Valley giants.

NVIDIA’s Ray Tracing Tech Will Soon Run On Older GTX Cards

Today at 04:20 AM, via Slashdot

NVIDIA’s older GeForce GTX 10-series cards will be getting the company’s new ray-tracing tech in April. The technology, which is currently only available on its new RTX cards, “will work on GPUs from the 1060 and up, albeit with some serious caveats,” reports Engadget. “Some games like Battlefield V will run just fine and deliver better visuals, but other games, like the freshly released Metro...

Google Seeking To Promote Rivals To Stave Off EU Antitrust Action

Today at 03:40 AM, via Slashdot

Google is trying to boost price comparison rivals such as Kelkoo in an effort to appease European Union antitrust regulators and ward off fresh fines following a $2.7 billion penalty nearly two years ago. “The European Commission said Alphabet unit Google had used its search engine market power to unfairly promote its own comparison shopping service,” reports Reuters. From the report: The...

House Democrats Plan April Vote On Net Neutrality Bill

Today at 03:00 AM, via Slashdot

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer announced that the House will hold a vote next month on the Democrats’ bill to reinstate the Obama-era net neutrality rules. “Hoyer said in a letter to colleagues that the House will consider the Save the Internet Act during the week of April 8,” reports The Hill. From the report: The Republican-led Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted along party...

Uber Used Secret Spyware To Try To Crush Australian Startup GoCatch

Today at 02:20 AM, via Slashdot

Uber used a secret spyware program, codenamed Surfcam, to steal drivers from an Australian competitor with the aim of putting that company out of business. The startup was backed by high-profile investors including billionaire James Packer and hedge fund manager Alex Turnbull. ABC News reports: GoCatch was a major competitor to Uber when the U.S. company launched in Australia in 2012. At the...

Use forecast to talk about climate change, urges ex-BBC presenter

Today at 02:01 AM, via The Guardian

Bill Giles calls on broadcasters to add slot explaining humans’ impact on climate

The veteran weatherman Bill Giles is calling on the BBC and other major broadcasters to radically overhaul their forecasts to incorporate information about climate change.

The former head of BBC weather presenters has said more needs to be done by broadcasters to highlight climate change to face the “reality...

New Mirai Malware Variant Targets Signage TVs and Presentation Systems

Today at 01:40 AM, via Slashdot

An anonymous reader quotes a report from ZDNet: Security researchers have spotted a new variant of the Mirai IoT malware in the wild targeting two new classes of devices — smart signage TVs and wireless presentation systems. This new strain is being used by a new IoT botnet that security researchers from Palo Alto Networks have spotted earlier this year. The botnet’s author(s) appears to have...

Education and Science Giant Elsevier Left Users’ Passwords Exposed Online

Today at 01:00 AM, via Slashdot

The world’s largest scientific publisher, Elsevier, left a server open to the public internet, exposing user email addresses and passwords. “The impacted users include people from universities and educational institutions from across the world,” reports Motherboard. “It’s not entirely clear how long the server was exposed or how many accounts were impacted, but it provided a rolling list of...

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