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SUNDAY, 09 AUGUST 2020, 16:09

Top Stories

‘The corrupt must go to jail’

30 July at 15:49 PM, via Mail & Guardian

As Gauteng braces itself for its Covid-19 peak, the provincial government says it is knuckling down to deal with ‘shameful’ corruption allegations

KwaZulu-Natal is emerging as a new Covid-19 epicentre

28 July at 12:46 PM, via Mail & Guardian

Large groups attending funerals and people delaying being tested and treated because they fear dying in hospital has contributed to a spike in coronavirus infections in KZN

Job losses induce midwife crisis

23 July at 21:00 PM, via Mail & Guardian

The pandemic has an especially dire effect on sectors dominated by women, such as birth companions. Doulas are already feeling the pinch

COMING UP: Ramaphosa addresses the nation

23 July at 17:32 PM, via Mail & Guardian

President Cyril Ramaphosa will address the nation on developments in South Africa’s risk-adjusted strategy to manage the spread of Covid-19.

Durban mayor pulls plug on R8m online lockdown channel

22 July at 14:52 PM, via Mail & Guardian

eThekwini’s enterprising parks and recreation department launched the channel, intended to entertain the city’s people during the lockdown, without getting authorisation

What if Ramaphosa gets sick?

18 July at 21:00 PM, via Mail & Guardian

Senior South African politicians have not been spared the coronavirus. What happens if the head of state is not well enough to be at his desk?

Civil service edges closer to Covid cliff

16 July at 21:00 PM, via Mail & Guardian

Public sector unions say the rampant Covid-19 pandemic will have a devastating effect on how the government is run and services are delivered

Hard-hit municipalities brace for more deaths

16 July at 16:40 PM, via Mail & Guardian

South Africa’s Covid-19-related deaths have been comparatively lower than the rest of the world. But municipalities are preparing for the worst

It’s just not cricket

15 July at 21:00 PM, via Mail & Guardian

Near Makhanda in the Eastern Cape in the village of Salem is a cricket pitch that is said to be the oldest in the country. Watered by blood and trauma, rolled with frontier nostalgia and contemporary paranoia, how does it play?

Police respond to rural water protests with bullets

14 July at 11:33 AM, via Mail & Guardian

The coronavirus has hit the Eastern Cape hard, but many rural areas in the province still have no clean water for hand washing, forcing residents to break lockdown regulations to protest

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