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SUNDAY, 16 JUNE 2024, 10:49


When it comes to the Israel-Gaza war, the split in opinion is generational

Thursday at 23:33 PM, via NPR

After the October 7 attack by Hamas on Israel that killed more than 1,100 people, President Joe Biden expressed America’s backing for its Middle Eastern ally. But that same month, polls showed that support for Israel among American voters was not unwavering. And that, in fact, support was split across generations.That split between young voters poured out into the streets in November. Two big...

Election Tricks in Venezuela; American Students Slowly Return to China

Thursday at 22:15 PM, via NPR

Authorities in Venezuela are using all manner of tricks to try to ensure President Nicholas Maduro is reelected next month. However, as we hear, it seems that the stunts and intimidation are not working. And in China, the number of American’s studying abroad is increasing, but is nowhere near pre-COVID levels. We look at why.

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