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MONDAY, 15 JULY 2024, 23:10


News24 | Plan for US missiles draws mixed response in Germany

Thursday at 22:45 PM, via News24

A plan to allow the deployment of US long-range missiles in Germany drew praise and misgivings on Thursday, as supporters said it made Europe safer and critics warned it could antagonise Russia and spark a new arms race.

China, Taiwan and the Fishing Community Caught In Between

Thursday at 22:19 PM, via NPR

In the latest escalation of tensions between the two, China seized a fishing vessel from Taiwan while it was in Taiwanese territorial waters. This is seen as Beijing sending a message that it plans to assert more control over Taiwan, which China claims as it’s own. Our correspondent travels to a small Taiwanese island near where the boat was seized and finds residents who know they would be on...

This U.S. company is helping arm Ukraine against Russia — with AI drones

Thursday at 22:06 PM, via NPR

Palmer Luckey launched his first tech company as a teenager. That was Oculus, the virtual reality headset for gaming. Soon after, he sold it to Facebook for $2 billion.Now 31, Luckey has a new company called Anduril that’s making Artificial Intelligence weapons. The Pentagon is buying them – keeping some for itself and sending others to Ukraine.The weapons could be instrumental in helping...

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