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SUNDAY, 16 JUNE 2024, 11:14


Increased Fighting on the Israel-Lebanon Border

Wednesday at 22:44 PM, via NPR

There are fears of a second full-on war igniting on Israel’s northern border. Hezbollah, the group based in Lebanon and backed by Iran, has been trading fire with Israeli forces across the Israel-Lebanon border. We hear from two NPR correspondents who each visited a side of that border.

What a second Biden or Trump presidency could mean for American allies and foes

Wednesday at 22:13 PM, via NPR

America is facing two very different futures on the world stage after November. If former President Trump wins, he’s promised to fundamentally re-evaluate the NATO alliance, reshape global trade and overhaul the Pentagon, State Department and intelligence agencies.He’s largely avoided explaining how he’d handle the conflicts in Europe and the Middle East, yet says he can settle the war in...

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