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SUNDAY, 21 APRIL 2019, 14:03


Wrist, upper-arm BP readings often differ considerably

Wednesday at 23:17 PM, via Reuters

(Reuters Health) – Blood pressure measured at the wrist is commonly higher than pressure measured at the upper arm, which has implications for the accuracy of devices that measure blood pressure, researchers report.

St. Jude doctors claim cure for ‘bubble boy’ disease

Wednesday at 23:17 PM, via Reuters

Relying on the trickery used by the AIDS virus to infect people, doctors at two medical centers say they have cured 10 infants of so-called bubble boy disease, a genetic defect that leaves children, typically boys, without an immune system.

Doctors develop ‘cure’ for babies with ‘bubble boy’ disease

Wednesday at 23:07 PM, via CNN

Dannie Hawkins dreamed for her precious baby nephew, Ja’Ceon Golden, to experience the simple joys of childhood — swimming in pools during the summer, going to birthday parties, playing in parks filled with people, having a pet — without risk.

3D goggles may soon help surgeons see better

Wednesday at 22:34 PM, via Reuters

(Reuters Health) – In a first, heart surgeons in Poland used 3D goggles to help them see inside a patient’s chest as they opened up a narrowed heart valve, according to a report in the European Heart Journal.

Hearing loss tied to increased risk for depression

Wednesday at 22:30 PM, via Reuters

(Reuters Health) – Older adults with hearing loss may be more likely than peers without hearing difficulty to develop symptoms of depression, a research review suggests.

Dozens of doctors in Appalachia charged in opioid fraud bust

Wednesday at 20:34 PM, via Reuters

Dozens of medical professionals in Appalachia, a region hard-hit by the U.S. opioid crisis, have been charged with writing hundreds of thousands of illegal prescriptions and committing health care fraud, federal prosecutors said on Wednesday.

Stop letting your kids stare at iPads in restaurants, science says

Wednesday at 20:12 PM, via CNN

I try to be restrained in my judgments of other parents. We have so many obligations and pressures when it comes to parental duties that it’s probably more detrimental to kids if their parents are further stressed by worrying that they’re doing it all wrong.

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