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WEDNESDAY, 19 JUNE 2019, 16:41


Measles cases in United States rise to 1,044

Monday at 16:16 PM, via CNN

The measles outbreak in the United States continues to grow, with the number of cases this year now reaching 1,044 as of Friday, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

U.S. measles cases hit 1044 this year

Monday at 16:12 PM, via Reuters

The United States recorded 22 new measles cases last week, a 2.2% increase, taking the total cases for the year to 1,044 in the worst outbreak since 1992, federal health officials said on Monday.

Brain fever kills 97 children in east India

Monday at 12:49 PM, via Reuters

Nearly 100 children have died this month from encephalitis, commonly known as brain fever, in the eastern Indian state of Bihar, a state health official said on Monday.

Ebola’s spread shows how science needs societies to succeed

Monday at 08:04 AM, via Reuters

LONDON – The persistence of Congo’s Ebola outbreak and its deadly spread to Uganda in recent days show how societal issues are as crucial as scientific advances in controlling disease outbreaks, specialists in global public health say.

Injuries from cosmetics send 4,300 children to ERs every year

Monday at 06:40 AM, via CNN

Cosmetic products such as perfume, nail polish and shampoo help us feel and look good. But in the wrong hands — especially those of the very young — these products can be harmful, or even deadly. More than 64,000 kids younger than 5 years old had a cosmetic-related injury between 2002 and 2016, according to estimates in a study published Monday in the journal Clinical Pediatrics.

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