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SUNDAY, 25 AUGUST 2019, 02:07


U.S. House panel opens probe into e-cigarette firms

Wednesday at 21:53 PM, via Reuters

The U.S. House Energy and Commerce said on Wednesday it is launching a probe into the four dominant e-cigarette manufacturers, seeking information on the firms’ research into the public health impacts, marketing practices and promotion of their use by adolescents.

HHS to provide $23 million to Merck for Ebola vaccine production

Wednesday at 19:23 PM, via Reuters

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) said on Wednesday it will fund the manufacturing of Merck & Co Inc’s investigational Ebola vaccine called V920, in response to the outbreak of the deadly virus in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

Cutting back on vegetable protein tied to unhealthy aging

Wednesday at 18:23 PM, via Reuters

(Reuters Health) – Older adults who cut back on the amount of vegetable protein in their diets may be more likely to experience age-related health problems than their peers who increase the amount of plant protein they eat, a Spanish study suggests.

Oklahoma judge to rule on Monday in opioid lawsuit against J&J

Wednesday at 17:33 PM, via Reuters

An Oklahoma judge will rule on Monday on whether Johnson & Johnson should be held liable in a lawsuit by the state’s attorney general who argues the drugmaker should be forced to pay $17 billion for fueling the opioid epidemic.

Fitbit eyes one million new users in Singapore health scheme

Wednesday at 16:38 PM, via Reuters

Fitbit Inc has won a contract with the Singapore government to provide fitness trackers and services to up to one million of the country’s citizens as part of a health initiative that begins in October.

U.S. imposes sanctions on three Chinese accused of fentanyl trafficking

Wednesday at 16:35 PM, via Reuters

The U.S. Treasury on Wednesday imposed sanctions on three Chinese men accused of illegally trafficking fentanyl, acting three weeks after President Donald Trump accused Beijing of reneging on pledges to stem a flood of the highly addictive synthetic opioid into the United States.

Pfizer invests $500 million in expanding gene therapy facility

Wednesday at 16:16 PM, via Reuters

Pfizer Inc is investing $500 million to expand a manufacturing facility in Sanford, North Carolina, that plays a central role in its efforts to become a major player in gene therapy, the company said on Wednesday.

Kids born with HIV find difficulty taking their medication as they grow older

Wednesday at 14:50 PM, via Health24

Discovering yourself and entering new, more intimate relationships are what teens often deal with, but for HIV positive teens, there is more difficulty in managing the disclosure of their status and changing to adult HIV care providers, coupled with still being a ‘normal’ teen.

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