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MONDAY, 15 JULY 2024, 23:02


Are We Loving Our Pets to Death?

22 June at 11:00 AM, via New York Times

Pet owners are treating their animal charges ever more like humans. But that isn’t good for pets, or for us, many experts argue.

Our Reporter on How Pharmacy Benefit Managers Work

21 June at 11:04 AM, via New York Times

Pharmacy benefit managers are driving up drug costs for millions of people, employers and the government. New York Times pharmaceutical reporter, Rebecca Robbins, explains how.

How Heat Affects the Brain

19 June at 18:57 PM, via New York Times

High temperatures can make us miserable. Research shows they also make us aggressive, impulsive and dumb.

Chiropractor Videos Take Off on TikTok and YouTube

19 June at 16:54 PM, via New York Times

Neck cracks and spine adjustments have become a potent social media trend, but some chiropractors fear the videos send the wrong message about the profession.

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