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THURSDAY, 23 MAY 2024, 03:55


Microsoft CEO says AI is a tool and must not be humanised

Yesterday at 07:47 AM, via MyBroadband

Satya Nadella’s remarks hint at an ongoing debate in the tech industry over how much to humanise AI services at a time when the technology is advancing and responding in ways that appear more human-like.

Warming climate is turning rivers rusty with toxic metals

Yesterday at 07:00 AM, via The Guardian

Data from Colorado mountain rivers shows concentrations of copper, zinc and sulphate have doubled in 30 years

Mountain rivers in the US state of Colorado are going rusty and the warming climate is to blame, according to research. An increase in toxic heavy metals has also been observed in Arctic streams, leading to concern that this phenomenon may be more widespread.

From the Andes to the...

California Exceeds 100% of Energy Demand With Renewables Over a Record 45 Days

Yesterday at 05:30 AM, via Slashdot

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Electrek: In a major clean energy benchmark, wind, solar, and hydro exceeded 100% of demand on California’s main grid for 69 of the past 75 days. Stanford University professor of civil and environmental engineering Mark Z. Jacobson continues to track California’s renewables performance – and it’s still exciting. In an update today on Twitter (X),...

DOJ Makes Its First Known Arrest For AI-Generated CSAM

Yesterday at 04:02 AM, via Slashdot

In what’s believed to be the first case of its kind, the U.S. Department of Justice arrested a Wisconsin man last week for generating and distributing AI-generated child sexual abuse material (CSAM). Even if no children were used to create the material, the DOJ “looks to establish a judicial precedent that exploitative materials are still illegal,” reports Engadget. From the report: The DOJ...

EU Sets Benchmark For Rest of the World With Landmark AI Laws

Yesterday at 03:25 AM, via Slashdot

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Reuters: Europe’s landmark rules on artificial intelligence will enter into force next month after EU countries endorsed on Tuesday a political deal reached in December, setting a potential global benchmark for a technology used in business and everyday life. The European Union’s AI Act is more comprehensive than the United States’ light-touch voluntary...

Windows Now Has AI-Powered Copy and Paste

Yesterday at 02:45 AM, via Slashdot

Umar Shakir reports via The Verge: Microsoft is adding a new Advanced Paste feature to PowerToys for Windows 11 that can convert your clipboard content on the fly with the power of AI. The new feature can help people speed up their workflows by doing things like copying code in one language and pasting it in another, although its best tricks require OpenAI API credits. Advanced Paste is...

‘Pay Researchers To Spot Errors in Published Papers’

Yesterday at 02:02 AM, via Slashdot

Borrowing the idea of “bug bounties” from the technology industry could provide a systematic way to detect and correct the errors that litter the scientific literature. Malte Elson, writing at Nature: Just as many industries devote hefty funding to incentivizing people to find and report bugs and glitches, so the science community should reward the detection and correction of errors in the...

Linux 6.10 Honors One Last Request By Hans Reiser

Yesterday at 01:20 AM, via Slashdot

Longtime Slashdot reader DVega shares a report from Phoronix: ReiserFS lead developer and convicted murderer Hans Reiser a few months back wrote letters to be made public apologizing for his social mistakes and other commentary. In his written communications he also made a last request for ReiserFS in the Linux kernel: “Assuming that the decision is to remove [ReiserFS] V3 from the kernel, I...

Microsoft Is Making File Explorer More Powerful With Version Control and 7z Compression

Yesterday at 01:00 AM, via Slashdot

Sean Hollister reports via The Verge: At Build, Microsoft now says it’s adding native version control to File Explorer by integrating systems like Git, letting you see new changes and comments directly from the app. Here’s a cropped and zoomed version of the provided screenshot so you can get a better look. […] Microsoft says it’s also letting File Explorer natively compress files to 7-zip and...

IGN Scoops Up Eurogamer, Rock Paper Shotgun, and More

Yesterday at 00:40 AM, via Slashdot

It seems no industry is safe from consolidation, and the latest target is gaming media. From a report: IGN Entertainment has acquired the website portfolio of UK publisher Gamer Network, which operates a number of beloved games-focused publications. That list includes, Eurogamer, Rock Paper Shotgun, VG247, and the tabletop site Dicebreaker. The network also holds shares in...

Electric cars more likely to hit pedestrians than petrol vehicles, study finds

Yesterday at 00:30 AM, via The Guardian

Electric and hybrid vehicles are quieter than cars with combustion engines, making them harder to hear, especially in towns and cities

Hybrid and electric cars are more likely to strike pedestrians than petrol or diesel vehicles, particularly in towns and cities, according to an analysis of British road traffic accidents.

Data from 32bn miles of battery-powered car travel and 3tn miles of...

Sonos Enters the Headphones Market

Yesterday at 00:20 AM, via Slashdot

After being rumored for years, Sonos has officially entered the headphones market with its new Ace headphones. “The Sonos Ace wireless over-ear active noise-canceling headphones are specified to go toe-to-toe with the established market leaders from the likes of Apple and Bose, and they’re priced to match at $449,” reports Wired. From the report: Visually, you get an elegant and notably slim...

Apple Says US Antitrust Lawsuit Should Be Dismissed

Yesterday at 00:02 AM, via Slashdot

Apple said on Tuesday it plans to ask a U.S. judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed by the Justice Department and 15 states in March that alleged the iPhone maker monopolized the smartphone market, hurt smaller rivals and drove up prices. From a report: In a letter to U.S. District Judge Julien X. Neals in New Jersey, Apple said “far from being a monopolist, Apple faces fierce competition from...

Gordon Bell, an Architect of Our Digital Age, Dies At Age 89

Tuesday at 23:25 PM, via Slashdot

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: Computer pioneer Gordon Bell, who as an early employee of Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) played a key role in the development of several influential minicomputer systems and also co-founded the first major computer museum, passed away on Friday, according to Bell Labs veteran John Mashey. Mashey announced Bell’s passing in a social...

US Government Urges Federal Contractors To Strengthen Encryption

Tuesday at 22:45 PM, via Slashdot

Companies working with the US government may be required to start protecting their data and technology from attacks by quantum computers as soon as July. From a report: The National Institute for Standards and Technology, part of the Department of Commerce, will in July stipulate three types of encryption algorithms the agency deems sufficient for protecting data from quantum computers, setting...

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