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TUESDAY, 16 JULY 2024, 00:00


Thunderbird 128: Annual ESR Brings New Features and ‘a Rust Revolution’

Sunday at 19:36 PM, via Slashdot

Thunderbird’s annual Extended Support Release was revealed Friday, promising “significant” improvements to the overall user experience and “the speed at which we can deliver new features to you,” according to the Thunderbird blog:We’ve devoted significant development time integrating Rust — a modern programming language originally created by Mozilla Research — into Thunderbird. Even though...

California Prohibited From Enforcing PI Licensing Law Against Anti-Spam Crusader

Sunday at 18:34 PM, via Slashdot

Long-time Slashdot reader schwit1 shared this report from non-profit libertarian law firm, the Institute for Justice:U.S. District Judge Rita Lin has permanently enjoined the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services from enforcing its private-investigator licensing requirement against anti-spam entrepreneur Jay Fink. The order declares that forcing Jay to get a license to run...

Mobile virtual operator price war in South Africa

Sunday at 18:00 PM, via MyBroadband

South Africa has several major mobile virtual network operators offering excellent data and voice bundle prices, which often undercut the best offers from the main mobile networks.

Apple Approves PC/Linux/Mac-Emulating App ‘UTM SE’ for App Store, Reversing Earlier Rejection

Sunday at 17:34 PM, via Slashdot

At the end of June, Apple’s App Store rejected the Windows/retro PC emulator “UTM SE”. But in a reversal Apple approved the app Saturday, reports the Verge. “We are happy to announce that UTM SE is available (for free) on iOS and visionOS App Store,” the developer posted on X, “and coming soon to AltStore PAL.” From the Verge:After Apple rejected the app in June, the developer said it wasn’t...

Fastest Object Ever Made By Humans Continues Circling the Sun, 500x Faster Than Sound

Sunday at 16:34 PM, via Slashdot

An anonymous reader shared this report from ScienceAlert:NASA’s Parker Solar Probe, tasked with taking a close-up look at the Sun’s outer corona, has just equalled the record for the fastest-moving human-made object ever.The previous record holder? The Parker Solar Probe, again.The probe was recorded traveling at 635,266 kilometers (394,736 miles) per hour on June 29, the second time it’s...

How returning to competitive sport after 25 years taught me resilience – and the joy of new friends

Sunday at 15:00 PM, via The Guardian

Jenny Knight, an author who was a teen world rowing champion, is rediscovering the benefits of exercise after joining a local netball team

When I was 17, my rowing coach announced that taking a day off was unnecessary. That one time of the week that I left school at 4pm and watched Neighbours was now gone. I think that’s probably why, when I gave up rowing, I stopped doing any exercise at...

How to Properly Archive Your Digital Files

Sunday at 14:00 PM, via Wired

Will you be able to open today’s Word docs in 20 years? Probably not, unless you take some necessary steps to give those digital files an extra-long shelf life.

Rust Leaps Forward on Language Popularity Index

Sunday at 13:34 PM, via Slashdot

An anonymous reader shared this report from InfoWorld:Rust has leaped to its highest position ever in the monthly Tiobe index of language popularity, scaling to the 13th spot this month, with placement in the top 10 anticipated in an upcoming edition. Previously, Rust has never gone higher than 17th place in the Tiobe Programming Index. Tiobe CEO Paul Jansen attributed Rust’s ascent in the...

Work-from-home problems in South Africa

Sunday at 13:06 PM, via MyBroadband

South African employers are facing a backlash from workers as they reverse remote working policies introduced during the Covid–19 lockdown.

Electric Vehicles May Become Harder to Rent

Sunday at 11:01 AM, via New York Times

Rental car firms are offering temporary deals on electric cars, which they are selling after they lost value more quickly than expected.

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