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FRIDAY, 16 APRIL 2021, 12:18


An Ethiopian American Refugee Longs For Her Homeland

Today at 11:06 AM, via NPR

As a young teen, Najat Hamza fled Oromia, a regional state of Ethiopia, with her father to live in America. At StoryCorps, she spoke about what it means to leave “the familiar” behind.

Cuba’s Raul Castro Prepares To Step Down

Today at 11:06 AM, via NPR

Raul Castro is expected to step down as head of Cuba’s ruling Communist Party at the party’s Congress beginning today. But that doesn’t mean Cuba’s one-party-system is likely to see any big changes.

Eyewitnesses recount bloody crackdown in Bago, Myanmar

Today at 08:28 AM, via CNN

At least 82 anti-coup protestors were killed by security forces in the city of Bago in Myanmar on April 9. The massacre has been widely condemned by the United Nations and countries around the world. CNN’s Paula Hancocks pieces together some of what happened that day and talks to survivors of the onslaught.

La Soufrière Volcano: A Growing Humanitarian Crisis

Today at 00:27 AM, via NPR

Between 16,000 and 20,000 people were evacuated from the area around the volcano on St. Vincent. Some evacuees are with family and friends; others are fleeing the island entirely.

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