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MONDAY, 15 JULY 2024, 23:15


Russia is Top of Mind at NATO summit

Wednesday at 23:36 PM, via NPR

Four years after World War II, leaders from Europe and North America formed an alliance largely aimed at deterring Soviet expansion — the North Atlantic Treaty Organization — NATO.Seventy-five years later the member states of that organization have come together in Washington to celebrate NATO and plan for its future.As they did in 1949, the NATO allies believe Russia presents the largest...

The Fate of the Israeli Hostages and the Future of Gaza

Wednesday at 23:11 PM, via NPR

The Israeli hostages taken during the October 7th attacks and held in Gaza are a major sticking point in cease-fire negotiations between Israel and Hamas. A spokesperson for Hamas tells NPR not all those hostages are being held by his organization, some are being held by families in Gaza. And in Israel, what Gaza will look like after major combat operations end is the subject of fierce debate,...

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